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Final Fantasy Legend codes

Sound test:

Save a game at any point past level 57. Highlight that saved game, then press B to return to the title screen. Hold Down + Start + B at the title screen for approximately five seconds. Alternatively, press Select + Start + B at the title screen. More sounds will become available after the game progresses.

Extra Power Punch:

Buy two rounds of Power Punch at once, then use one full round. The remaining round will contain many strong punches.

Hint: defeating Su-Zaku:

Use the saw when fighting Su-Zaku at the end of the train. It will kill him with one hit.

Hint: Items in the Tower:

After reaching the highest levels of the Tower, there is a sub-world that contains dead people. "Talk" to the dead child at the very bottom right side to see his diary entry. Check the inventory, even though the new item notice did not appear. An N.Bomb will appear, as long as your inventory was not full up to that point. This weapon does massive damage simultaneously to all enemies.

Also in the high Tower levels is a room with a bookshelf that contains information about Ashura and Creator. Walk through one of the middle stacks into a secret room that contains a Book of Flare.

Hint: Hidden city:

There is a hidden city in the north-east of the world in the Cloud civilization. Fly into the lower left corner on a 2x2 patch of cloud. The secret base of the rebellion against Byak-Ko will appear. Books of Flare may be purchased from the item shop at this location.


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