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Hardcore Faggot
Height: 5'8'  Weight:141 lbs.  Birthdate:June 25, Gay Pride Day
Hometown: Rome, New York Theme Music: Stayin' Alive, Bee Gees
History: Hardcore Champion (2)

Gimmick:  Getting His Ass Fucked, But Showing No Pain as he can keep it going with his homo lover for 2 hours on end  

Alignment:  face

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Finisher:  Marijuana Moonsault

Description of Finisher:Moonsault 

Appearance: Comes out wearing all tie-dyed shit, Headband, Shirt, Pants...He has stylish SunGlases that make him one of the most feared wrestlers EVER!!!

Manager:  None

Contact: Faggot

Any comments can be sent to: The commissioner