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April Lynn Wells

Quick Facts

  • Work: REI Motorsports - PR
  • Hobbies: Auto Racing, Working Out
  • Personal Vehicle: 2000 Ford Mustang
  • Favorite Movies: Driven, Days of Thunder
  • Favorite Childhood Game: Nintendo
  • Favorite Food: Japanese
  • Favorite Place to Eat: Texas Roadhouse & Kobe's on the Lake
  • Favorite Vacations Spot: Los Cobos, Mexico
  • Favorite Race Track: Daytona
  • Most Memorable Racing Achievement: Grand Nationals
  • Best Advive from Parents: Don't Let Anything Stand In The Way Of Your Dreams!
  • What I Admire Most in Others: Honesty
  • Greatest Influence in Life: Mom, Dad and brother Marc
  • Motorized Vehicles I've raced: SCCA Spec Racer, Mustang, USAR Midget, Formula Dodge, Formula 1600, Formula 2000, (karts) Invader, CRG, Coyote, Fullerton, Top Kart, Margay, Mike Wilson
  • First Street Car: Ford Bronco
  • My Idea of a Good Night Out: A night out with my friends
  • Languages I Speak: English and German
  • First Race I Ever Watched: My Dad race karts
  • First Race I Attended: Dad's race at Adkins
  • Racing Hero: Ernie Irvan
  • Racing Career Goals: NASCAR