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Postpartum Adjustment Depression and Anxiety

Purpose of A Lighter Shade of Blue

The purpose of A Lighter Shade of Blue is to provide support and healing to
Individuals suffering from Post Partum Depression.  We offer a comfortable, safe
environment in which to discuss experiences and problems related to depression and new motherhood anxieties.  Mothers are encouraged to both give and receive support from other members of the group. We also provide information about depression to group members and their families.

The group facilitators are non-medical and do not intend to take the place of medical care.  We can help members locate mental health professionals (psychiatrists, therapist, etc.) who can assist you in dealing with your depression and working though your issues.  We are listeners who have been through Post Partum Depression and can offer sympathetic support you while you receive treatment from a doctor, psychiatrist, etc.  We are NOT in place of that treatment and will not give medically based advise.

As mentioned to many of you, I believe, and it has been proven, that faith plays a big role in recovery from any illness, please let us know how we can help you to find that for you. It is important to understand that we are not a substitute for professional therapy, rather we serve as one small part of a three-part treatment for depression, which consists of a psychiatric, therapy, and a support system.  Your psychiatrist will prescribe medication for you, your therapist or counselor is someone you can talk to on a regular basis for professional support and guidance.  Your support system may include your family, the
church, friends and a support group.  These are the people that will listen to you, offer
support and try to help you.


What is said in the meetings stays in the meeting room.  What is said during phone support stays confidential as well unless otherwise noted.  Members should not discuss anything shared in group with other people, including other members.  There are some legal exceptions to this rule.  As facilitators we are required to report certain situations to the proper authorities:  1)  when a member shares information about any type of neglect or abuse or threatens to harm another person, 2) if a member talks about any criminal behavior, and 3) when a member discloses suicidal thoughts or attempts.  If a member
discloses any information above, the facilitator's) will take appropriate steps and alert the member's doctors or family at our discretion.

Email us with any questions or comments

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