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Welcome to Xelloss' abode!

This is my site dedicated to my favorite character, Xelloss.

This is also the home of my rants about the couples in Slayers. I probably like the romance part of Slayers even more than I enjoy the lovely explosions. ^_~

Hmm... Where to go, where to go?

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Note: This page contains spoilers for all three Slayers seasons. Read and be spoiled at your own risk. ^_~

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Last Updated: June 9
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Aw, he's asleep!  Shhh....

This is my Guardian Dragon. His name is Jerry. He's very protective when he puts his mind to it (which isn't too often ~_~ ). His favorite activities are soaking outside in the sun and sleeping. Jerry is an extremely intelligent and clever dragon. (He just doesn't like to show it.)

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Xelloss and Filia Forever!

Viva la Amelia!  ^_^

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