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Tiger's Eye View

So Whatcha Wanna Know About Me?????


Okay..well if you made it this far down my webpage, then I applaud you. Just recently, I have been able to scrape up a couple of pics to put on my web page. My scanner is broken right now, so these are not the best pics in the world. I believe in both of the pictures you are about to see (if you click on the below link) I have straight hair. Not that you really care all that much, but my hair is naturally curly, and that's the way I wear it now. But for the time being, this will give you all a general idea of what I look like. Both of the pictures are atleast a year old, and a lot can happen in a year, but enough jibber they are....

(Drum Roll Please) Pics! :)

Oh the Places I Go.....

Auburn WebPage...Where the Eagle soars, the Tiger roars, and the Plainsmen ain't so plain.

Auburn University Bands

Southern Poetry .

It's been real, it's been fun, but it aint been real fun! HEHEHE JK...Hope you enjoyed my page..come back and visit it again..I will be working on it constantly and who knows what will pop up next time!!!


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