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Cherokee to English Tranlation


We ní de ya ho, We ní de ya ho

I am of the Great Spirit, Ho! I am of Great Spirit, Ho!

We ní de ya ho, We ní de ya ho, ho ho ho

I am of the Great Spirit, Ho! I am of Great Spirit, Ho! It is so, it is so.

He ya ho he ya, Ya ya ya

Great Spirit, Great Spirit, Great Spirit

Repeat Four times

Amazing Grace is not a translation of the Yonega(white) hymn, but a

different one to the same tune.

u ne la nv i u we tsi

God's Son

i ga gu yv he i

paid for us.

hna quo tso sv wi yu lo se

Now to heaven He went

i ga gu yv ho nv

after paying for us.

a se no i u ne tse i

Then He spoke

i yu no du le nv

when He rose.

ta li ne dv tsi lu tsi li

I'll come the second time

u dv ne u ne tsv

He said when He spoke.

e lo ni gv ni li s qua di

All the world will end

ga lu tsv ha i yu

when He returns

ni ga di da ye di go i

We will all see Him

a ni e lo hi gv

here the world over.

u na da nv ti a ne hv

The righteous who live

do da ya nv hi li

He will come after.

tso sv hna quo ni go hi lv

In heaven now always

do hi wa ne he s di

in peace they will live.

The Lord's Prayer

o-gi-do-da ga-lv-la-di-he-hi

Our Father, heaven dweller,

ga-lv-quo-di-yu ge-se-s-di de-tsa-do-v-i

My loving will be (to) Thy name.

tsa-gv-wi-yu-hi ge-sv wi-ga-na-nu-go-i

Your Lordship let it make its appearance.

a-ni-e-lo-hi wi-tsi-ga-li-s-da ha-da-nv-te-s-gv-i

Here upon earth let happen what you think,

na-s-gi-ya ga-lv-la-di tsi-ni-ga-li-s-di-ha

The same as in heaven is done.

ni-da-do-da-qui-sv o-ga-li-s-da-yv-di s-gi-v-si go-hi-i-ga

Daily our food give to us this day.

di-ge-s-gi-v-si-quo-no de-s-gi-du-gv-i

Forgive us our debts,

na-s-gi-ya tsi-di-ga-yo-tsi-na-ho tso-tsi-du-gi

the same as we forgive our debtors,

a-le tla-s-di u-da-go-le-ye-di-yi ge-sv wi-di-s-gi-ya-ti-nv-s-ta-nv-gi

And do not temptation being lead us into,

s-gi-yu-da-le-s-ge-s-di-quo-s-gi-ni u-yo ge-sv-i

Deliver us from evil existing.

tsa-tse-li-ga-ye-no tsa-gv-wi-yu-hi ge-sv-i

For thine your Lordship is,

a-le tsa-li-ni-gi-di-yi ge-sv-i

And the power is,

a-le e-tsa-lv-quo-di-yu ge-sv ni-go-hi-lv-i

And the glory is forever.

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