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Added new pics. Might take awhile to upload. Sorry, not really good with sizing pictures too well.

One more picture of me.

This is the love of my life. My son, Justin Tyler.

My second love, Marina Noelle.
This is a picture of her on her 6-month Birthday.
Isn't she a Birthday Princess? :o)

One more pic of Marina and me together.
Isn't she so adorable?

Here is a pic of Angie and me on mother's day.
Her first Mother's Day :o)
This is Marina's mommy and my best friend.

Justin, Marina, Angie
Isn't Justin getting big!?
He doesn't like to smile for pictures now.
He is a teenager. LOL

Ok, every pic on here of me is old, except for the ones with Angie and Marina.
So here is a newer pic taken a couple of years ago with Mike.
Like my new hat? LOL

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More Pictures

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