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Kidman's Reports

Yokozuna Memorial Show Results from Allentown, PA 11-29-01*Thanks to Mark Clemson *

Low Ki vs. Billy Kidman

The best match of the night, pitted two of the best overall wrestlers around. Indy Sensation, Low Ki, with Dylan Dean, took on a graduate of the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center and hometown boy, Billy Kidman. Low Ki, whose body is a weapon, used his deadly karate kicks to set Billy up for the Ki Krusher and Dragon Clutch, but Kidman kept coming back. In fact, Kidman reversed the Ki Krusher and regained his offense. Low Ki showed he could take just as much punishment as he could dish out. Dylan Dean, sensing his man was in trouble, got up on the ring apron and went to help his man, but instead they met head-to-head and this allowed Billy Kidman to hit the face buster and get the win!

Afa "the Wild Samoan" would like to thank everyone who attended the show both the fans and wrestlers alike. A special "Thank You" goes out to the stars of the World Wrestling Federation such as Undertaker, Kane, Referee Tim White, Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon and the APA who were traveling since 5:30 that morning to make it in time for the show.

WWF Heat: November 11, 2001 *Lords of Pain*

Spike Dudley vs. Billy Kidman--- They lock up in the middle of the ring. Billy wraps Spike’s arm up behind his back. Spike rolls Kidman over onto the matt. Spike and Kidman trade a few arm bars. Spike is up on Kidman’s shoulders, punching him in the head. Kidman rolls back towards the ropes. Spike falls out of the ring. Kidman crawls down and gives Spike a dropkick. Both get back into the ring. Kidman throws Spike into the corner. Kidman runs toward Spike. Spike puts his foot up. Kidman falls to the matt. Both are pretty beaten up, they struggle to get up. Spike punches Kidman a few times. Spike gives Kidman a dropkick. Spike off the ropes gives Kidman a elbow to the head. Spike goes up to the top rope. Spike gives Kidman a dropkick. Spike covers for two. Kidman grabs Spike and puts him back into the corner. Spike gives Kidman a huricanrana off the second rope. Spike covers for two. Kidman gets up and gives Spike a reverse neck breaker. Spike lands face down. Kidman rolls him over and covers for three.--- Winner: Billy Kidman

WWF Smackdown: November 8, 2001 *Lords of Pain*

Enter Regal with the Alliance. Regal says they have been summoned because their leader has something to get off his chest. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Alliance awaits you. Austin asks Billy Kidman if he's got a problem. He asks if that's cool. He says Kidman is leaning on the ropes and has his hair greased back. What? He says he's got no hair to grease back. Let's not talk about his haircut. He asks if he trusts him. Kidman says he does.

Out comes Commissioner William Regal. Regal takes the mic. Last Monday night, his business was interrupted by a big useless, disgusting, beast of a man, the Big Show. He tells Big Show to get his miserable carcass to this ring right now so he can show him what happens to people who besmirch his power.

Weeellll. Well it's the Big Show. Out comes the Big Show. Shawn Stasiak and Billy Kidman try to attack him from behind. Show takes them both out.

Big Show vs. Commissioner William Regal--- Show with right hands knocking down Regal. Show chokeslams Stasiak and Kidman. Chavo Guerrero, Justin Credible, Raven, and Mike Awesome run in. Ref calls for the bell.--- Winner by DQ: Big Show

Awesome, Credible, Raven, and Chavo back Show into the corner beating on him. Show throws all of them off. Chokeslam to Awesome. Chokeslam to Credible. Chokeslam to Chavo.

WWF Heat: October 21, 2001 *1Wrestling*

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Champ Billy Kidman--- Mild pop for Scotty, mixed response for Billy. They circle, Billy scores with kick and forearms. Scotty to ropes, Billy whips him off opposite, attempts clothesline, Scotty ducks and scores kick to gut, suplex, Billy down. Scotty pauses to dance (dummy), Billy recovers, scores forearm to back of Scotty's neck. Scotty in corner, Billy scores kick, whips Scotty to opposite corner, charges into an elbow. Billy staggered, Scotty gets ‘the look’, goes off ropes, attempts bulldog, misses, Billy counters with a spinebuster, Scotty down. Billy drags him up, sets him in corner, whips him to opposite, charges, Scotty sidesteps, Billy into corner, out, Scotty scores with side-suplex, Billy down. Back up, Billy misses a punch, Scotty scores 2, flapjack, Billy down again. Back up, Scotty scores kick to gut, DDT, Billy down, Scotty covers for 2. Scotty brings Billy up, sets for belly-to-back suplex, Billy glides through, rolls up Scotty for 2. Both up, Billy misses clothesline, Scotty scores Superkick, covers Billy for 2. Scotty complains to ref, Billy up, Scotty once again gets ‘the look’, goes off ropes, attempts bulldog, Billy ducks, Scotty off ropes, Billy score boot to gut, puts Scotty in backslide, uses ropes for leverage, ref doesn’t see it, counts the 1-2-3. --- Winner and still WCW Cruiserweight Champ: Billy Kidman. Post-match, Scotty FINALLY hits Billy with a bulldog and the W-O-R-M.

WWF Raw: October 15, 2001 *Lords of Pain*

Backstage: Kidman is shown talking to RVD. Kidman says Austin is just trying to cheat RVD out of his Triple Threat match. Kidman says everyone Austin said had voted for Booker T, including himself, had voted for RVD, and no one he knows voted for Booker T. Kidman says Austin is just trying to cheat RVD out of being in the picture and the triple threat main event on Sunday. Tazz interrupts and asks what Austin would think if he heard what Kidman just said. Tazz says Kidman needs to learn some respect for the leader of the Alliance. Tazz tells Kidman to put his gear on, because he's about to become JUST ANOTHER VICTIM. As Tazz leaves, Kidman asks RVD what Tazz's problem is. RVD tells Kidman not to worry about him, he's always like that.

Non-Title Match: Tazz vs. Billy Kidman (c). Referee: Charles Robinson.

Tazz hammers Kidman coming in. Kidman with a dropkick to Tazz and then a scoop slam. Kidman goes up top and goes for a huge splash. Tazz moves and hits Kidman with a clothesline. Tazz with a breath-throw suplex. Tazz grabs Kidman by the hair and slaps Kidman down in the corner. Tazz goes to whip Kidman into the other corner but Kidman reverses and knocks Tazz down with a shoulder block. Kidman goes up top and hits Tazz with a flying elbow drop for a 2 count. Tazz hits Kidman with a headbutt but Kidman is able to hit Tazz with a modified X-Factor to Tazz. Kidman with a roll-up for the win.--- Winner: Billy Kidman.

WWF Smackdown: October 11, 2001 *Lords of Pain*

X-Pac vs. Billy Kidman--- Grapple. Waistlock by Kidman. Kidman with a back elbow. Kidman knocks down X-Pac. Head scissor take over by Kidman. Hurricanrana by Kidman. Cover. 2 count. X-Pac jumps over Kidman and throws him shoulder first into the post. Kidman to the outside. X-Pac drop kicks Kidman through the ropes. X-Pac goes after Kidman on the outside. X-Pac with chops. X-Pac throws Kidman back in the ring. X-Pac goes up top. X-Pac with a leg drop. Cover. 2 count. X-Pac with a reverse chin lock. Kidman to his feet. Kidman with elbows to the gut. X-Pac with a spinning heel kick. X-Pac goes up top. Kidman drop kicks X-Pac on the way down. Kidman ducks a clothesline and a flying back elbow. Kidman with an insiguerri. Cover. 2 count. Kidman slides under X-Pac's legs. Kidman with a powerbomb. Kidman pulls X-Pac in front of the corner. Kidman goes up top. X-Pac knocks him off. X-Pac with a Bronco Buster. X-Pac celebrates. Kidman powerbombs him off the middle rope. Cover. 2 count. Kidman goes for the bulldog off the top rope. X-Pac with the X-Factor. Covery by X-Pac. Kidman puts his foot on the bottom rope. X-Pac tries to powerbomb him. Kidman turns it into a face slam. Cover. 2 count. X-Pac with a backslide. 2 count. X-Pac goes up top. Kidman turns his back to him and gives him a reverse power bomb. Cover by Kidman and regains the Cruiserweight title.--- Winner and new WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

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