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This page has been created for my Bible as Literature class and is the last big project I had to do for the class. This site was created in 2000, and I haven't updated it much since then. I've kept it up here because I think it's a pretty neat little website and I like what I did with it. I had never developed a website before taking on this project, so this was my first chance to learn basic html. I think I did pretty well for a beginner. So, if you're interested, you now have the chance to read all about my thoughts on some of the biblical villainesses. I've written most of the profiles in a simple format -- there's a brief intro, then four key questions:

Who is she? (We've got to know who we're dealing with.)

What did she do? (Why was she so bad?)

How has she affected modern culture's view of women? (Why are we still talking about her?)

How did she redeem herself? (Or did she even try?)

This format does not hold true for Delilah and Eve because when I was writing about those characters I got a little carried away. I could have redone them in the formatted style, but I like the essays, so I decided to leave them in their natural state for now. ;)

A word of warning to my noble visitors: this site explores my opinions regarding biblical villainesses. This site was written by an exasperated feminist who has read these bible stories and thoroughly disagreed with their modern interpretations. You may disagree with my interpretations, and that's okay. I think we need more civilized debate about religion in the world today. Feel free to email me with feedback on the site and its contents. I welcome discussion.

I quote excerpts from the bible passages that I address in my essays and I cite the passages so that interested readers can go to the primary text and read for themselves. I include quotes from several sources, including Liz Curtis-Higgs' Bad Girls of the Bible. Her book is written from a Christian perspective and explores how these villainesses' stories can be used as teaching tools for modern Christian women. This text provides counter arguments for my opinions and while I don't agree with her, I did enjoy reading her interpretations of these stories.

There are many pictures on the site, I truly believe that I'm not violating any laws by displaying them, and I've contacted the sites where I found them and asked for permission. If you feel that I am in violation of the law, please let me know by emailing me before filing any lawsuits, and I'll remove the offending material and post an apology.

In each instance where I've used someone else's material, I've included a link to the site where I found the picture, graphic, information, etc. Please be a pal and visit these sites as well. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

And now, please enjoy the rest of my site and learn all about the biblical bad girls.

Here are the Biblical Bad Girls, in fairly random order...

Think I just pulled this site out of my hat? Balderdash! Numerous websites, essays and books have been used to create the pages you see before you. Amble on over to my Sources Cited Page and marvel at my collection of sources.

Wondering why I set the site up this way? Good for you. Curiosity is a wonderful thing -- unless you're Eve, of course. Anyhoo, go here!

Amused at my attempts to build a webpage? Feel the need to offer advice? Need a gnocchi recipe? Who's your daddy? Let me know.


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