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Judy's Journey Webpage

Hi!! My name is Judy Davis and I've been a huge Journey fan since 1981. My favorite album is Escape, but Trial By Fire is right behind. I look forward to hearing the new CD with Steve Augeri on lead vocals. I have seen the NEW Journey 3 times since September 1998 and just love Steve. My favorite member has always been Jonathan Cain. When he came into the group, it gave Journey a fresh new outlook into the music. He's not bad to look at either!! This page is just set up with my pictures from the shows that I go to. I was fortunate to be very close for the Columbus, June 1999 show. Below are those pictures. I also got to meet Jonathan and Neal after the November 1998 show. Those pictures are below also. Enjoy!! And remember, please don't remove any photo from my page. Please sign my guest book below. More photos to be added later, so come back often!! Thanks!!

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Jonathan Cain Aftershow Photos
Neal Schon Photo And Autographs
Journey Photos, Page 1
Journey Photos, Page 2
Journey Photos, Page 3
Journey Photos, Page 4
Journey Photos, Page 5
Journey Photos, Page 6
Journey Photos, Page 7

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