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is the ineffable knowledge
that you are safe with someone
that you are always welcome in his house
that you needn't count your words in his prescence.
A friend is someone 
to whom you can simply entrust all you have to say,
the wheat and the chaff all mixed up,
in the knowledge that a loyal hand will
gather it all together and sift it,
retaining that which is valuable
and scattering the rest to the wind
in a gesture of encouragement...

So you are starting a new life and of course I wanted to give you a gift to say Bon Voyage. Someone already gave you the gold watch so I figured I would give you a framed copy of your favorite cricket player and an aussie tune. LMAOOOOOOOOO. Seriously though Imma miss you Kanga so you better show your face online often. You have become one of the few friends I really treasure. I hope you and Brenda will be very happy and I pray your dreamz will be realised. Wubs ya.




Made by Jen