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PERV 101
Now Tim we know you are old
We know you need viagra
We know you are ugly
And have no personality
And of course you sense of humour is non existent
Finding a woman is hard
So I decided to give you lessons
Enjoy your first lesson of Perv 101

Bring the woman whose panties you want into to this room
Ok now that you have her here you have to start thinking
Of words to say that will get her in the mood
You might want to start off kissing her neck for example
I said KISS not bite dummy
Now would be a good time to move towards her lips
Thats right, gently tease her lips with your tongue
Uh huhz and now nibble on her lower lip
Dammit wut is this fascination you have with biting
At this stage you might wanna exchange a lil tongue action
NOOOOOOOOO don't try to suck her tongue out of her mouth
God is it surprising you don't have a woman?
You are NOT Hoover Boy.
Ok you are doing great
Slowly unbutton her blouse trailing kisses across her skin
With each touch
Yes are you doing well, now get that last button
and softly nudge aside her bra
Take her breast into the palm of your hand and lower your lips
To her nipple, blowing gently as you do
Ummmmmmmm I said blow GENTLY,
Not kill her with a hurricane sheeshhhhhhhh
Slowly use the tip of your tongue
To encircle the nipple and moisten it
NO NO NO do NOT slobber
Now take the nipple into your mouth
And using a nibbling (NOT BITING) action
Arouse her until her nipple is rock hard
When this happens you will know that
You are ready to move onto the next stage
Of PERV 101
If however she has slapped you
Then you either need to start again
Or consult the dating site your son gave you
lmaooooooo Enjoy Tim

Made for Tim by Jen