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Celebration of the Life of Wesley Livingstone Warder

The first year without Wesley in our lives seems to have passed so quickly. I can still picture him clearly and hear every innotation of his voice. I can smell his scent and at times imagine I can feel his presence. Wesley never hated but he did despise people getting on the pity pot. And so this site is a dedication to the celebration of his life rather than an expression of sorrow at his passing. I have included a poem which says what I know he wanted to express to us and then a more personal poem expressing my feelings.
The song in the background was our "Special Song" and one day that "satellite" will take me to join him.

Good friends once told me that I would be able to look back one day and see the big picture. The pain of loss would finally fade a little and I would be able to see God's reasons for bringing Wes and I together. I rejoice in the lessons Wesley taught me and the richness he brought to my very existence. I have a whole new appreciation of life and the value of the lives of those around me. 
To Wes.......'Lifts Glass'....."Your life was an inspiration to us all and I thank you for that."

Remember Me

Remember me in all your dreams,
when dark of night takes hold,
for I will take away your fears,
and keep you from the cold.

Remember me throughout your life,
and keep me in your heart.
Forever will I be with you,
though we may be apart.

Remember me as your good friend.
I try to make you smile,
and even when you give up hope,
with you, I'd walk a mile!

Remember me when I am gone,
I'll always be around,
'cause when I'm through those pearly gates,
I'll still be looking down!


Passing Time

A year has passed.
What can I say?
I miss you, dear,
More each day.
Your disposition, sweet
And helps--it's true.
I can't but say
I'm lonely without you.
You left my life
With a treasure dear.
You've left me comfortable.
I have no fear.
When our Lord does call
I'll be glad to go,
Because my dear
I love you so!
I'll join you too
In Heaven above,
Where once again
We'll continue our love.