Golden Dawn of RhyDin
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Golden Dawn of RhyDin

The day has come, when the darkness continuosly lurks in the sky.
Running has done no good because it is eternal until the rising of the
new sun.

Welcome, to the new Golden Dawn of RhyDin. Long ago this forum had
done it's best to serve the members well. Due to the lack of members and
help that I had needed, we had fallen. The time has come that we return and
help you all once more.

We are currently rebuilding our staff to better fullfill the needs of the people.

-*(When Joining)*-

-All individuals will start with 0xpts/0gps-
-Those with Logs will start with xpts logs show-
-Guilds must have 10(ten) members before accepted-
-Guild Leaders are to send in Rosters monthly for Allotment-
-Those that wish positions needing regs must have them-

-Those transferring from other Forums must show an audit upon turning in their application-

][Government][ ][Applications][ ][Assassins][
][GDoR Combat][ ][GDoR War][ ][Experience Charts][
][Priest/Healers][ ][GDoR's Audits][ ][GDoR Organizations][

Note: Murder & Assassination charters: Under Construction