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5-10-01 - New and Exciting plans for the 'Future' of Dyalation, Stay tuned for more information.

4-22-01 - Dyalation has a couple of shows coming up in the near future:

April 28th - RiverJam - Ridgeferry Park - More Info given as received by us.

May 12th - The Cotton Club - More info given as received by us.

4-09-01 - The show that Dyalation will be playing tomorrow night (Tuesday) at The Opera House will be with Dionysus opening instead of Driven. But this will still be a bad ass show, both bands rock and we plan to soon have a show with all 3 of us, so be on the look out for more info on that. Anyway, come out tomorrow night and support 2 great local bands. We thank you for your time and support. By the way, the doors will open at 8 and the cover will be the usual.

4-01-01 - Dyalation will be playing at The Opera House Tuesday, April 10th. Driven will be the opening band. If you haven't seen these guys then don't miss this show, they are bad fucking ass!!! Doors should be opening around 8:00-8:30 and the cover charge will be $7 for under 21 and $5 for over 21. Make sure to be there this will be one kick ass show!!! Thanks for the support.

3-27-01 - Dyalation will be playing at The Opera House Friday, March 30th. Not sure of the other bands name whom we are playing with but from what I've heard you definitely want to come check them out. Anyway, doors will open around 8 and the cover charge should be the regular $7 for under 21, $5 for over 21. Don't miss this!!! Thanks for the support.

3-16-01 - We want to thank everyone that came out to support us last night. It was one hell of a show, one of the better ones no doubt. We wanna also give props to Dionysus, the energy was overwhelming. We're definitely proud to have them by our side. (Romesyde Connection). For future reference if you or anyone has any questions or comments feel free to email us at, because we no longer have a guestbook. Thank you for your time and support.

3-11-01 - Dyalation has a show on march 15th at The Opera House. Dionysus will be opening. Doors will probably open around 7:30, cover charges should be same as always.

2-15-01 - Dyalation has a show coming up on Mar. 2nd at The Opera House. We will be opening for Dog Fashion Disco. I'm sure the times and cover charges will be the same as always. More info. will be posted as received.

1-29-01 - Dyalation has a show coming up on Feb. 8th at The Opera House with Dionysus. Doors open at 7:00 and the cover charge will be $5 for 21 and up and $7 for under 21.

1-14-01 - Dyalation will be taking a short break for our future recording. We need this time to finish up new material and perfect the old. We will still be doing shows on occasion though.

1-10-01 - We have a show coming up at The Opera House on January 19th with Bag of Bones. Doors will open around 8 or 9. we're not sure how much the cover charge will be as of now. But we're guessing it will probably be the usual cost.

1-02-01 - We have 2 shows coming up at The Opera House. The first one was mentioned earlier. January 4th with Common Bullet. The second one is on January 6th with Driven. More info will be given for this show when recieved but the doors will open at 8 and the cover charges will be $5 for over 21, $7 for under 21.

12-30-00 - I mentioned earlier there would be a show on January 6th, but it is actually on the 4th. Sorry for the inconvenience, all the details i mentioned earlier still apply. Thanks for the support.

12-28-00 - Dyalation will be playing with Common Bullet on January 6th, this is a Thursday. The doors will open at 8:00 as usual. The cover charge will also be the usual, under 21 $7, over 21 $5. Not sure what time we will play yet. More info. will be given as received.

12-17-00 - Dyalation plays at the Opera House on December 26th with Trendkill. We start around 8:45. It will be a $7 cover charge for people under 21. A $5 cover charge for those fortunate enough to be over 21.

12-14-00 - Dyalation plays the Opera House on the 15th of December, which is tomorrow. We start at 8:30. We are opening the show this night. Following us is Common Bullet then after they play, Sixspeed will play. For those of you who dont know, Sixspeed is the guys from Stuck Mojo with a different singer. I am unsure of the price to get in.

11-19-00 - Ok. These are the upcoming shows in order by date:
Nov. 25 at the Scout Hut with SME. Show starts at 8:00 and we play from 8:45 - 9:20.
Dec. 2 at the Cotton Club. This is a competition type event. $10 tickets are being sold be each band member. Show begins at 12:00 P.M. and last till whenever.
Dec. 15 at The Opera House opening for Common Bullet. More details of show time will be given when we find out.

11-16-00 - Dyalation will be playing with SME at The Scout Hut on Nov. 25th. There will be a $5 cover charge and doors open at 8. We play around 8:45, so make sure to be there. Thanks for your support.

11-12-00 - Dyalation has a show on December 2nd at The Cotton Club in Atlanta, but we need your help. We have to sell at least 30 tickets to have a spot on the bill, they're 10 dollars a ticket, and if we sell all 100 then we get a full day of studio time for free, which we need desperately!!! So support your local band scene and contact us to get tickets. By the way there will be around 20 bands playing and it will start at 12 noon and end at 12 midnight so 10 bucks is definitely worth it :) Thanks

11-01-00 - Dyalation has a show at The Opera House on November 17th. We are opening the show that night for Commom Bullet. The show starts at 8:30 and we play from 8:50 - 9:20. We are followed by Mighty Mighty Sideshow who are followed by the headlining band Common Bullet. It is $5 if you are over 21 and $7 if you are under 21. So come support the local scene and see Dyalation's first show at The Opera House.

10-17-00 - Just a quick reminder that there will be a masquerade party at Billy's house around 6 on the 28th. We will be playing and everyone is welcome to come. If you need more info./directions, feel free to email us. And we also have a show on the 29th at the Scout Hut. It starts at 6. Dionysis, Driven, and Closure will be playing as well. Hope to see everyone there. Thanx for the support.

10-6-00 - OK, this has been finalized and there will be no more changes (bet you're glad to hear that LOL). Our show that was pushed back from Oct. 7th will be on Oct. 29th. Yes this is a Sunday but the show will start at 6 and end at 10 so everyone should be able to stay for the whole show before they have to head home to get ready for school, work, or whatever. Once again I apologize for the confussion. Now on to last night, anyone who missed the Mudvayne, Ultraspank, Boiler Room, and Nonpoint show I suggest kicking yourself in the ass repeatedly. Then kick yourself again just incase you missed. It was fucking unbelievable, every band put everything they had into it and the energy just never stopped. From the moment the first band went on stage til the last band stepped off it was nothing but pure emotion. Boiler Room started things off with a sweet melodic/heavy sound that just set the mood for a night of thrashing. These guys I hung out with for most of the night and they are some of the coolest people I've ever meet. I thank them for taking the time to listen and get to know me as I did them and especially for given me advice for our bands future. Nonpoint took the stage and basically ripped up the crowd with there fast paced almost punkish style and definitely had the place pumped. Then when Ultraspank went on stage, well what can I say. They reigned supreme for their hour set. LOL. A performance that had fans at there feet screaming along using that energy in a most intimidating manner. And last but not least, Mudvayne, who I admit are some of the coolest guys you could ever meet. Very social, all about hanging out and shit. But you wouldn't think that from first glance. Those of you who know who they are know what I mean. I really enjoyed getting to chill with them for most of the night as well. They had some good interesting shit to talk about no doubt LOL. But all I can say about there performance iz Slipknot aint got shit on these guys. They are mother fucking sick az hell. I've never felt the need to be so violent at a show in all my life. LOL. They have quite an aggressive sound, style, and look. What I feel puts these guys over the top though is there skill and style. Every member has perfected his instrument by far. I was just amazed, standing there watching these guys perform. Listening to and watching what each person was doing. All I can say is imagine putting Joey from Slipknot on drums, Les Claypool from Primus on bass, Head or Monkey from Korn on guitar, and Corey from Slipknot doing screaming vocals with Chino from Deftones doing melodic vocals. Sound awesome??? These guys are stepping up to take what's theirs all I can say is be prepared!!!!!!!! Mudvayne is on the loose.

10-5-00 - Tonight's the night. Mudvayne is gonna be in Rome fuckin Georgia. They're gonna rip this place up along with Ultraspank, Boiler Room(who replaced One Minute Silence), and Nonpoint. It's $5 for all College students and $10 for everyone else. I guess education does pay off. LOL. Anyway, if we can get 200 people to show at this concert and 150 to show at the Finger Eleven concert then The Opera House will be bringing Disturbed. So you mother fuckers better be at both of the shows supporting what you love. Heavy music!!!!! Our show that got pushed back is now planned for Oct. 27th, a Friday. Hopefully this will be final. Sorry for all the confusion. More info will be posted as we get it.

9-26-00 - Well unfortunately the show on Oct. 7th has been pushed back. Not sure of a date yet, but we are gonna try for Oct. 22nd.

9-25-00 - Ok. Now it's official the Mudvayne show on Oct. 5th at The Opera House starts at 8:00 but unfortunately you can only get in for $5 if you are a college student. So I'm guessing everyone else will have to pay the regular cover charge which I think is either $8 or $12. Hope to see you there.

9-22-00 - The show on Oct. 7th at The Scout Hut will start at 8:00, not sure if there will be a charge yet. The Mudvayne show at The Opera House on Oct. 5th will be only $5, not sure what time it starts yet, but for $5 I definitely expect to see everyone there!!!

9-19-00 - We have a show Oct. 7th at The Scout Hut in Shannon Park with Dyonisis and Driven, plus we have a show on Oct. 28th at Billy's house (our drummer). It will be a Halloween party and everyone is welcome to come. More info will be posted on these two shows very soon. Also on Oct. 5th Mudvayne, Ultraspank, One Minute Silence, and Nonpoint will be playing at The Opera House. I'm not sure what time it starts or how much tickets will be but I expect to see every single one of you mother fuckers there, cause it's gonna be one hell of a show!!!!!

9-15-00 - Well, Dyalation has gone through some rough times and lost 2 members: Brandon Reed due to a lack of dedication and Gregg Klawon due to an unfortunate lack of talent, but his heart and soul was there and he promoted the hell out of us. We greatly appreciate that. He will always be with us in our hearts and souls. Thank you Gregg for all you've done. But a new door has been opened for the future of Dyalation with the addition of Matt Dale, as our new bassist. So our future looks promising, with nothing holding us back our expectations exceed those of the past. Dyalation, full speed ahead!!!

8.27.00 - No real news here. A lack of everything right now.... shows, practice, involvement. Slow times.

7.24.00 - Dyalation has a couple of shows coming in the near future. The first is August 4th in Cedartown. More info will be given on this show when it is available to us. The second show is on August 13th at the Scout Hut in Shannon park. We will be playing with Dyaniosis and Blister. The show starts at 8:00 P.M. and it is ..... A FREE SHOW!!! So make sure everyone knows and comes ...... FREE SHOW!!! NO MONEY REQUIRED!!

7.05.00 - Ozzfest 2000 was so fucking bad ass! Anyone that was not there missed out on everything! Even the hot ass sun, and the drunk ass rednecks! Revielle, Kittie, Primer 55, and PAN FUCKING TERA fucking ruled! thats the greatest pit i have ever been in! Pantera is awesome, and i got my ass kicked!!!!!!! met this really cool band Kilgrops, they are a spanish death metal band they are bad ass, next time your around tell me to let you hear the cd! catch ya on the flipside! Casey...

7.04.00 - I got a Dyalation message board up! its under construction but it still works fine!! check it out here.

7.02.00 - Mailing list is fixed!! Go here to join the official Dyalation mailing list. You may be mailed information pertaining to Promotion, Merchandise, and any upcoming shows in your area! Join Here

6.26.00 - Attention! Heh, to whom it may concern, Alice Towe our beloved friend and person we all love to pick on confided in me and told me that yes, you guessed it! She is indeed a Teenie Bopper! It came to my attention that not only does she like Backstreet Boys, and Nsync but that she owns a Hanson CD and played clairnet in band, and was a cheerleader. And she like Electric Green! Congratulations Alice! we love ya... some

6.23.00 - Pics section and Links section Updated!

6.16.00 - New CD Released! Check it out here!

6.15.00 - There will be a party held in *Dramatic Chord* Billy's Garage! Lawn Seats are offered for free thanks to the Captain Catshit fund. Party is at Billy's House this Saturday evening. More info to come! If you have any questions or need directions E-mail Chris at

6.14.00 - This is the infamous new format for [unflashed version] please excuse the mess for it is still very much under construction. no major changes will be made to the site its self. It is more less just a "new look"! Some added features will be a links section where I will post your links for the world to see. Also the poetry section and art section will be updated and improved! Enjoy!

6.13.00 - Dyalation has made it to the top 10 on thanks to your help. But we need even more help to get the number one spot so that we can appear on the show. Vote for us everytime you get online!!! At "Farmclub: Dyalation - Focus". Thanks to all that have helped!

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