RealDeal Recordings™ is proud to present their newest Dyalation CD entitled Dyalation Greatests Hits (1999-2000). Including some of your Favorite Songs such as "Lord Roachfang your one hardcore Sumbitch!"

Track List:

  1. Horseshit!
  2. This Lil' Jetus oh mine
  3. Im packin at the WaHo.
  4. Magic Pedalort Suprise
  5. Millennium Jetus
  6. Slap Mah Fro'
  7. Yup (The Big Boom)
  8. Hiya (The Real Chink Song)
  9. Sticky Buns
  10. Lord Roachfang your one hardcore Sumbitch!
  11. Is that you cecil?
  12. There are no muffins in my shoe
  13. I got the funk
  14. CrackShack Blues
  15. Bottled Piss
  16. I got's a beetle in me bum
  17. Patty melt plate scattered, covered, chunked
  18. God your Fat!
  19. Damn Chink
  20. God damnit I hate you Chris!
  21. I Know
  22. Honky Toast Muffin Dick Boy
  23. Billy & The Beast
  24. Rabid Mongoose (fight song)
  25. Captain Catshit
  26. Ogre (know, no Better)
  27. Hey I heard the record store has a new cd! (ya they have alot of them, ass)
  28. Jetunesian Tap Dance
  29. Swamp Root Killa
  30. I fell in the hole in the floor
  31. Salty Beachballs
  32. Slider. Its whats for dinner
  33. Make Ya Taste it
  34. Dont Smoke Asshole
  35. Trapped In the Third Stall
  36. I got two left hands
  37. Whoa! Thats packin the Smoothies
  38. Ill bust a cap in ya ass with mah piece if you get your stank spray in my Fro'
  39. Late Night with Tony Hawk (CD-R's Suck)
  40. Look I can Ollie
  41. Its Good!
  42. Look a Quarter

For additional information on obtaining your very own Dyalation Greatest hits CD contact Jetus Christ. Thanks have a good day!