Dyalation is a local band from Rome, GA. consisting of 6 members. There interesting style has been said to be along the lines of TOOL/Deftones but with more of a heavy twist. Christopher Lee Chastain is the vocalist. His vocals are a mix of Melodic Sounds and Raw Screams from the heart!!! PURE EMOTION!!! He also contributes on guitar as well. Billy Shadrick is the drummer, ten years of experience balled up into a massive arsenal of talent. Kari Murphy also plays drums, but mainly a custom percussion set that has evolved from propane tanks, an upright bass drum, 2 toms, and a crash. Josh Reynolds and Brandon Reed play guitar, a unique blend of original talent that molds together and creates heavy grooves with a even distribution of melody. Matt Dale plays bass using his heavy slap/funk style to complete Dyalation. With nothing holding them back, they are currently writing songs and playing shows at every opportunity. They are also currently looking for a recording studio and/or Record label. Know someone?!?!?!? Hook them up!!!

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