Home (How Fucking Sweet Is It?)

There was a time when all was well.
A quiet calm breeze flew over the land, Unheard.
Nothing was said during this time of Peace
Alone I stood in a barren land
Alone I found myself, but it was not enough.
Killing myself with confusion
Killing myself with solitude.
What do I expect from this time of tranquility?
Im lost in a world of love.
And I am alone, searching. I am alone, and this is home to me.
Perhaps, Iíve grown to like solitude, and silence.
But I want more.
I want your hand in mine.
But you I could not have, I lost my patience waiting for acceptance.
Iím lost now in a world of rejection.
I found you at a desperate time.
I found your caring heart. I gave myself to you

There was a time when everything hurt.
The fires of hell burning my soul, killing me
I trusted you with my heart,
Like you were scared to do.
I trusted you with my life
And now, Iím feeling the pain you feared.
Now Iím lost.
Searching in a world of lost love
My love for you will never die
But new love awaits
Forget you I wont, itís a dagger in my spine.
I trusted the one I loved, and this love was my source of pain.
How could I let this happen to me, again.
I lose so much for the prize of love
But now there are others
To comfort me through
The good times and hard times
I hope that their love is true.
A new friend to me, I loved the encouragement.
But misunderstanding left us with nothing.
Past lives with you, left me in pain.
What does the future hold?

There was a time when I thought everything was fine.
But we both have problems that are, ours alone.
I grow close to you, but I cannot offer any help
The love I gave to you is all that I have to give
It cannot get any better
Because I am all that I will ever be.
Scarred from the past.
Yet, bleeding new blood as I push on through life
Why am I
Such an easy person to like?
When I ruin your life, know that mine is already gone
When you ruined me, I was young and innocent
You set me up for pain and I hate you for that
You dug me up from depression I love you

There was a time when I thought it was all over.
I am never to be happy from here on.
The last thing I want is what I got in the past
Youíve been so great to me
Youíve trusted me
Conquered your problems and
Fell into my arms
I was able to offer a hand, for once in life
And I feel as if we will soon be like we were before.

There was a time of second chance
Renewal, foreshadow, and forewarning
Itís a time of fear.
Itís a time of silence, confusion, and hurt.
Let things happen!
Its time to say goodbye to you, once more.
And I will see you soon
Goodbye to love, hello loneliness, once more
Rescue me from this life, again
This place I call home
This place I always come back too.