The conversation of lust and desire is once more risen From the depths of the inner soul, expressing the feelings that I once had for you The feelings that are now everlasting and true Our love has grown like a flower in a field of weeds Slow at first but beautiful at bloom Have we bloomed yet?

As each day that passes I find myself closer to you, your presence the ailment for all the days plagues From that warm winter chill where I held you close When our traditional hug turned to something much more When my head lifted up off your shoulder And I found myself staring at you… I knew then that it was finally time for it…time to kiss you for the very first time The innocent diversion of tucking my head and repeating the previous nights procedure A gentle peck on your neck that soon found its way to your lip. All of the sudden my eyes closed tight thinking of what you might be thinking My head cleared, as my dreams became reality The dream of the simple kiss that was everything to me The dream of simplistic harmony intertwined with what was yet to come You catch me at this high point in life, Where everything goes my way, I hope that this is not another dream of mine Not another déjà vu to sit and wonder about Yet time grew thin as we soon did part When my dream had become reality for at least one night The thought of hurt goes through my head Pain and euphoria not a good mix…It is the alcohol of idiots, this won’t happen to me Good it must be, I brought it on So I will not indulge my self on this euphoric night

When the angels of heaven and the demons of hell make peace at least for now When everything is right From the movies that we watched and the moments that we had We’ve spent a midnight in a garden of good & evil The sweet serenade of Pink Floyd as we once again met each other And to the candlelit heaven where we last met together When I become ever more involved in this kiss that is indeed better than any sex I come together emotionally intact Your friends sit around you, nothing to be said But when you are gone they write a book on why you are wrong This deceit is nothing more than painful But if it was from you then it would be far past deadly I remember the time when we wrestled into trouble When I paused to run, and hide in the farthest place possible Even then it was evident that ones infatuation with the other was there More and more evident as our relationship was placed on friendship A way out I guess but good it was From my little games that got you involved When we strolled in the garden of death this was more visible that, The liking for one another was going to soon be too strong

Then the irony of my utopia finally showed through You are what I wanted You I would never get Then the question of detachment came up “Him or me” I said in a much selfish tone Yet uncaring as it may have been And lack of your thoughts, I will soon be alone Cruel and heartless I was then Waited forever Day by day my patience grew very thin Not knowing what to do so this must be right He you chose with a knife to the heart I know that you love him but, I love you How could this be everyday spent with me? The walks through the halls Escorts everywhere I forgot my friends for your hand in mine Stupid it was But regret I do not It must have been right says the future I see tonight

I remember a time where I hated you so A time where everything that I had did not matter to me It is what I had lost that kept me so happy How could I keep you with your stubborn mind? How could I lose you when you were never mine Things like this bothered me everyday I could not look at you without my heart melting away I was dead inside with nothing to help You I needed And you I would get…

I remember a time when forgiveness came to mind A time crucial to that of my existence With everything right I still had a wrong I had not a life Without you as my reason to live The time where you were finally free The time when you finally met me I came to you sudden as I had left Sympathetic you must have been to put this away and forget it My times with you were very great But the times that we will have will soon get better You accepted me as your own I felt like this time it would be right Prove me wrong you will not do Right now I am happy cause I’ve got you To love and hold till my life is through

I remember a time of hate towards me By a fellow companion: He is blind to see And deaf to hear But all he knows is that He wants you, I see myself in him Struggling to get that love and affection I see myself failing I see a time where all is well A place that is far from hell Because you are with me and everyone was wrong I see you and me forever on.
Have we bloomed yet?