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Hello, and welcome to my website.I've had this site up since 1999. My website isn't the greatest, but I'm trying to fix it up a little bit. Feel free to surf what I have on this webpage, and sign my guestbook. If you feel like being generous vote on how lame my site is. scroll down to see the different links I have. I'm thinking of adding more lame pictures so you can get a thrill of how gorgeous I am. :) I'm thinking of adding games to this website to keep the people who come to my site entertained.

This is Corin and I from Christmas 1999. Yea, Its really old

This is me and Misty, if your thinking something then your one sick Friek!

This is a picture of me and a puppy on the last day of school! Isn't it cute?

This is me coloring in a barbie book! I was bored at the time, if you dont like it then Bug off. lol

This is me and My 2 dogs of Christmans 2001.. This is the last Christmas that my Grandma was alive.

This is one of my good senior pictures lol why does my scanner make me look like crap and fatter?

click here for more pics of me!
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Go here to take a typing test, it's alot of fun.