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Personal Information

David B. Zuber, CPA
Senior Manager
Howard B. Gardner, Inc. CPA
1442 Homestead Creek Drive
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147
phone: (216) 732-3211

Specialist in the fields of taxation and "entreprenuership", helping clients form and grow their businesses with the proper tax and succession planning.

During his professional carreer he has also worked for such prominent accounting firms as Ernst & Young; Hauser & Taylor; and Thompson, Hire & Flory.

Dave currently has several clients in the motorsports industry, including race preparation shops, racing schools, merchandising companies, drivers, and Indy Racing (IRL) team, and a Formula Atlantic team. He also has clients involved in professional soccer and the National Hocky League (NHL).

Dave was born in Lexington, Ohio, and currently resides in Broadview Heights, Ohio with his wife Jeanne, daughter Mia, and sons Arie and Christian. He enjoys basketball, reading and fitness activities.

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