9/11 Conspiracy? OH, COME ON!!!

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9/11 Conspiracy? Oh, Come On!!!

In his book ,Dreaming War, Gore Vidal writes that "'conspiracy theorists' are usually easy for media to discredit since it is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life." He then cites the Enron scandal as one example of a recent conspiracy that was clearly not a paranoid fantasy. I could cite a few more: Watergate, Iran-Contra, the recent attempt by CBS News to prove allegations against George W. Bush using forged documents, etc.

Conspiracies exist. That's a fact. The "article of faith" to which Vidal refers is one to which most Americans subscribe because anyone who dares to even hint at a conspiracy is immediately shot down with ridicule or charges of Anti-Semitism. Why Anti-Semitism? Well, don't you know that Adolf Hitler believed in a conspiracy very similar to the one Vidal obviously believes exists? Hitler based his suspicions on a now notorious manuscript titled The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Vidal refers to the enemy as "the bank." Hitler cited "international Jewish bankers."

Hitler was nuts, of course, which is why "international bankers" like the Rothschild clan who happen to be Jewish, and other powerful financial dynasties like the Rockefellers and the Bushes who are not Jewish, provided the money that fueled the fuehrer's rise to power. What better way to detract attention from your conspiracy at the same time you carry it out than to reveal it to a madman on your payroll who will emphasize that it's Jewish," and therefore discredit anyone who dares to breathe a word about "bankers" attempting to institute one world government. Other Anti-Semites continue to refer to the conspiracy as a Jewish one, and they play directly into the hands of the enemy who, for all I know, are bankrolling them, too.

There IS evidence that a conspiracy led to the 9/11 "terrorist attacks" on America, and you can put the pieces of the puzzle together without having to rely on conspiracy literature and questionable web sites. The information is readily available in the mainstream press. What's missing is the finger that needs to be pointed directly at the culprits, and the investigative reporting that would clearly expose it.

But, you say, if the media is not pursuing the story, that would make them a part of the conspiracy, would it not? How could that be? After all, CBS News ruined its reputation in an unwise attempt to bring down the current commander-in-chief with that report based on forged documents. If there was any evidence that President Bush and his administration is responsible for 9/11, wouldn't Dan Rather go after him? And don't forget those other conspiracies to which you referred - Watergate and Iran-Contra - all of which were exposed! Clearly, one cannot keep secrets in Washington. Bill Clinton can tell you that. You'd have to be naive to believe a conspiracy is possible. In fact, you'd have to be a "nut."

Sorry, but I'm not a "nut." You're not a "nut" either. However, you may be a brainwashed fool, a mindless sheep, and perhaps a coward who refuses to confront the evidence head-on. I can't really blame you, after all, it's easier to live with illusions. Who wants to consider the possibility that our government is evil, and that the people we trust to protect our country are treasonous mass-murderers?

A conspiracy can only thrive in the dark. The first order of business is to discredit anyone who knows the truth. One way to do so is to let the truth seep out, but make sure it gets into the hands of someone with no credibility. An Anti-Semitic racist madman like Adolf Hitler will do. Once anyone mentions a conspiracy involving "bankers," "the bank," "financiers," or the "elite," well, they're obviously just spouting off the same old garbage Hitler and other ultra right-wing whackos have been spreading. If you call one of those radio talk shows, most of them right wing cheerleaders for Bush, you'll immediately be cut off, laughed at, and condemned no matter that all the evidence points to the correctness of your view.

Media control is paramount in a conspiracy. Let the press be free, but draw the line at the most important information. If a president falls, it doesn't matter. The president who replaces him will be a puppet whose strings are in the same bloody hands. So, let Nixon's Watergate activities see the light of day. Let Nixon resign in disgrace. And don't cover up Iran-Contra or Bill Clinton's sex scandal. These are small potatoes compared to the big picture, and by letting the media report on these scandals only makes those who insist the media is under the control of the "bank" look like paranoid "conspiracy theorists." And besides, as long as people are preoccupied with a scandal of comparatively minor importance, they won't notice something much more important going on.

And keep things as confusing as possible. The right wingers who dominate talk radio insist that the mainstream media, especially communications giants like CBS and The New York Times, are bottomless pits of liberal bias. Only those who are firmly on the left are likely to deny the charge. The liberals claim the media, with the exception of such fringe publications as Mother Jones and The Nation, are in the pocket of corporate America whose untold billions (trillions? zillions?) naturally place them on the right. Where else would those who claim to favor free enterprise be? But the charge that the media is liberal is so widely known and accepted that it could be argued that the media is right wing and deliberately giving the news a liberal slant to discredit the left.

In my mind's ear, Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh, and their ilk are giggling and saying, in that familiar tone of exasperation reserved for those who dare mention Skull and Bones, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, The Illuminati, etc, etc, etc:

"OH, COME ON!!!"

How many people fond of uttering "Oh, come on" and punctuating the phrase with multiple exclamation points does it take to silence those who dare utter the taboo word "conspiracy"?

How many were there on the 9/11 commisssion? One is often enough. Say "OH, COME ON!!!" loudly and often enough and you don't need to even consider the evidence that supports a conspiracy theory.

The facts, as they relate to September 11, 2001, clearly suggest the following:


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