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Welcome to the new DCopyKat Graphics! Everything is the same, only better! I've added a form for you to use, to make it easier to "register" your use of my sets, and of course, the cuddly new graphics on this main page. Aren't they adorable? If you're looking for backgrounds and sets for your pages, look no further, I have what you need - for free! All I ask is that you include a link back here. All you have to do is link the logo that I include with every set back to! (for a complete explanation of my rules, check out the rules page) It's as easy as pie! Mmmmm...pie...

*note: It is recommended that you simply minimize the first pop-up window, if you leave it minimized instead of closing it it won't keep popping up and should be less of a nuisance*

To see the sets I have up, please click the furry kitten below! Enjoy!

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I am SF Artist DCopyKat
and I believe in sharing your talents.

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All material on these pages are made by me. They are watermarked, so please follow the simple rules I have set for you. I must insist on a link back. Any questions or comments may be directed here.
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