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Bif's Vertical Horizon Page

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Welcome to my Vertical Horizon site. Vertical Horizon is the best unknown band in the country, but not for long. (Okay, I haven't updated my page recently. Their first single "We Are" was #26 on the Modern Rock Top 40 for the middle of July.) They signed a record deal with RCA (Dave Matthews' label) in 1998. Their new CD, Everything You Want came out on June 15 of this year and will soon become a hit across the nation. The band already plays to sell out crowds in several parts of the country. Now that they have major label backing, their rise to stardom is almost inevitable.

Keith Kane and Matt Scannell, the lead singers.

Matt and Keith met at a small party at Georgetown University in 1991. They played for each other and really liked how each other sounded. It wasn't long before the two were playing small gigs together. They started out as an acoustic duo focusing on cool harmonies and contemplative lyrics. They have since both taken up the electric guitar and have become a multi-faceted music making machine. In 1997, drummer Ed Toth joined the band and Sean Hurley jumped into the rotating bassist position in 1998 (hopefully he will stay and be the final bassist VH has experienced).

Matt and Keith jamming on stage.

The joy of Vertical Horizon is only truly found in a live show. They cover everybody from James Taylor to The Commodores to Jimi Hendrix. They also do long extended jams of their fans favorite songs making each tune unique at every show. Not having a major label until now, their strong live shows have been their best asset in building up a large fan base. They have been able to gain fans all over the country by playing with such bands as The Allman Brothers, Huey Lewis, Better Than Ezra, Widespread Panic, The Samples, Del Amitri and Shawn Colvin. On the bands second album, Running On Ice, VH was blessed with the presence of one of the best drummers in music, the Dave Matthews Band's Carter Beauford. They also recieved a little vocal backing from Jackopierce's Jack O'Neil and Cary Pierce. Vertical Horizon is currently touring the U.S. and will do a short European stint in the fall.

Keith and Matt admire each other's guitar work on stage.

Live Stages is the favorite album of many fans because it is the only album of the three that really show the potential of the band because it is live. Live Stages is the first album where the band includes the now permanent members, Ed Toth on drums and Sean Hurley on bass. Live Stages contains four previously unreleased songs and eight fan favorites from the first two studio albums. The album displays the bands amazing ability to jam on stage and to switch between electric and acoustic guitars. Live Stages along with the other two albums can be purchased through The Connextion. To see more about VH from my web site click here to go to page 2.

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