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Here I Am-JIF!
This is me...

Susanne aka Jif

Hey, welcome to Susanne's little piece of the web. I guess it is time I stop pleading the "new to this" syndrome. Truth is this page has been up for over a year now. It has gone through several minor changes in that time frame...and now this change. Just when I think I like it, I change my mind. I'll eventually find a layout that I like and am happy with. Until then, this is still a constantly changing be sure to check back y'allback often to see all the new changes.
Feel free to email me and let me know what you think or just email me for the heck of it...

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Yes that seems drastic..but so many of you come in and visit but don't tell me you have been here...leave me a message...I already said it is almost as good as
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My counter keeps resetting itself at 2300 visitors. The best I can estimate I have had over 3200 visitors. But I have decided to add a new counter in hopes of more accurate counts as of Feb.7, 00.

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