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St. Rose Young Adults Group

Great Books Club

A place to meet and discuss great Catholic spiritual writings.


Do you like to read spiritual books? If not, would you like to start reading spiritual books?


Reading a book takes time. So we shouldn’t waste our time by reading just any book…we should always make sure we are reading great books!  Books we can trust, books we can learn from. But what makes a book a “great book” anyway? How do you know a book is a good book, that you will get something out of reading it?


In the Catholic Church, God has given us a wealth of great spiritual writers who shed light on the mystery of God, his nature, his creation, his Divine Son, Jesus Christ, his Church throughout history, his plan for humanity and his plan for each one of our lives. At our meetings, we review and discuss these works, both new books and classics. We learn from each other about what’s good amid the vast array of published material available to us.


The books we discuss include the following:

·         Books by Saints and Doctors of the Catholic Church.

·         Books by modern day spiritual writers whose teachings are in union with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

·         Papal Encyclicals and other church documents.

·         Books about church history and trends within the modern-day church.

·         and others….


Those who wish to attend the meetings can come to speak or can come just to listen. There are no fees and no assignments. We try to review books for all levels of theological knowledge, from easy to more challenging. We start each meeting with reviews of featured books given by different member of the group. After that we have a time of informal discussion. A list of the featured books with ISBN numbers is always available also.


If you would like to review a book, please call me at (216) 496-9915 or send me email at . When emailing, please give your name and the name of the book you would like to review.


As was mentioned above, no one has to give reviews to come and benefit from the club. I hope to see you soon!


Paul Fry


“When we pray we speak to God, and when we read good books, God speaks to us.”

                                                                                                                        – St. Ambrose



The “Great Books Club” meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Barbosa Center, behind St. Rose Church on the corner of West 116th Street and Detroit Avenue. For directions, call Paul Fry at (216) 496-9915.