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The St. Rose of Lima Young Adults' Group is dedicated to serving the spiritual, as well as the social needs of Catholics in their 20's and 30's, regardless of their marital status (single, married, etc.). Dues for 2001 are $12 ($1 per month pro-rated), which entitles the member to our monthly newsletter, as well as discounts at various group events. Please make checks payable to "St. Rose of Lima Young Adults' Group." For more information on the group, please contact Eric at 216-221-3472 or Kathleen at 440-871-4075.


Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________ Zip: ________ Home Phone___________________Email:______________________

Birthdate: ____________ Age ________ Home Parish: _______________________________________ Marital Status____

How did you find out about the group? ________________________________________________________________________

Please rate your interest in various activities on a scale of 1 - 4 ( 1 = not interested, 4 = very interested)


Bible Study / Catechism Study/ Books Club ________

Group Holy Hour ________

Menís Group/Womenís Group ________

Pilgrimages/Conferences (Steubenville, etc.) ________

Other(s) (Please write in)___________________________________________________


Concerts ________

Sporting Events ________

Restaurants ________

Movies ________

Athletic Activities (Volleyball, Bowling, Softball) ________

Dancing (Swing, Ballroom, other) ________

Drama / Plays ________

Other(s) (Please write in)___________________________________________________


Visiting shut-ins ________

Pro-life work ________

Assist with group/parish fundraising ________

Habitat for Humanity ________

Other(s) (Please write in) ________

I would be interested in possibly assisting the group in one of the following areas (please check):

Newsletter Committee ________

Spiritual Committee ________

Social Committee ________

Athletic Committee ________

Service Committee ________

Other (Please write in) ____________________________________________________

Unconditional Waiver of Liability:

The undersigned, in condition of a member or a guest to St. Rose/San Damiano Young Adults' Group, hereby, absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably waives any and all liability or claim thereto that the undersigned may have against St. Rose of Lima Church, St. Rose/San Damiano Young Adults' Group, its officers, and its individual members, as a result of any and all activities, functions, outings, and other social events of every nature, type, and description whatsoever, and agrees to hold St. Rose of Lima Church, St. Rose/San Damiano Young Adults' Group, its officers, and its individual members harmless from any and all cost, damage, expense, or liability resulting from any such claim.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________________


Please mail to: St. Rose of Lima Young Adultsí Group,11411 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102, Email:

Group Website: