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Stow Soccer - OnLine Registration Spring 2002

If you are interested in the MINI-SOCCER Program for children 5 to 8 years-old, DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE REGISTRATION. CALL JIM AT 330-678-7819 OR EMAIL AT JJBJAL@GWIS.COM. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS JULY 1, 2002.

Your email address:
Player Information:
Last Name: First Name: Initial:
SSN: Birthday:
Street: City: State: Zip:
Area Code: Phone: Sex:
Parent/Health Information
Father Last Name: First Name:
Occupation: Work Phone:
Mother Last Name: First Name:
Occupation: Work Phone:

Medical Alert:
Person to notify in cast of an emergency: Phone:
Doctor to notify in case of emergency: Phone:

Personal Information
Prior Seasons: Last Team:
School: Grade:
Uniform Size: (Youth: Y-XS Y-S Y-M Y-L Y-XL OR Adult: A-XS A-S A-M A-L A-XL)
Shirt: Shorts: Socks:
Other Children From Family Presently in Club:

We ask for active participation of all parents in our program. Please indicate with a yes/no for areas in which you would be willing to help:
Coach: Assistant Coach:
Team Parent: Special Projects:
Soccer Olympics: Equipment:
Field Preparation: Newsletter:
General Donor: Board Member:

Stow Soccer On-Line Registration

Thank You for using our online registration.


1) Print and sign the parent waiver form,Waiver Form
2) New players: include a copy of your child's birth certificate,
3) ALL PLAYERS: Include a 1"x1" color picture of your child,
4) Send the above and your payment:

$80 for first player, $70 for second player, $60 for third player to:

Players who did not play in Fall 2001 must purchase a uniform. Cost is $48.

Stow Soccer Registrar
1843 Clearbrook
Stow, OH 44224

When all the above information has been received, your soccer player will be registered. You will be notified via email or phone when your registration has been completed.

Email: stowsoccer web guy