Newsletter Update
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This past Spring was sometimes the "greatest of times" and sometimes the "worst of times" for Stow Soccer Club. We grew from 11 teams in the Fall of 2001 to 19 teams in the Spring of 2002. Wow! Our Mini's program has continued to grow and the result was aa total of 318 youth playing soccer for Stow Soccer Club. All of this unexpected growth taxed those of us trying to keep the communication going, and those of you trying to deal with the lack of communication. The weather added a new glitch and all in all it was a bit crazy, but for the most part I saw some very happy soccer players who seemed to adjust with little problem. Our teams did well sending 11 of the 19 to the playoffs! Congratulations to those teams and their coaches!

Changes are often difficult and in addition to our rapid growth this spring we need to say "Goodbye" to our Coaching Director of the past two years. His letter is on the website for you to read. We would like to thank him not only for his expertise and knowledge, but also for helping to create this position, continually readjust his role for Stow Soccer Club and helping to define a much needed direction for this club.

So what is on the horizon? The Board is busy finding a new Coaching Director for the Fall as well as redefining that position and the best use of his or her time for the benefit of both coaches and players. Additionally we will be redoing our By-Laws and our Constitution this summer. Elections for new Board Members will be held at our November meeting as well as approval of the revised By-Laws and Constitution.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer. Expect practices for the Fall season to begin in early August! See you then.

Erin Jupp
Current Webmistress??? :-)