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Basketball is still my #1 favorite sport to play. I have loved playing as long as I can remember.

I started playing early on with some classmates in elementary school. We didn't play any games, just went in and conditioned and worked up our basics.
During my 6th grade year we played in a tournament. We did alright, coming very close to winning and moving on to the semi-final round. We only lost by 2 points.
Seventh and Eighth grade were totally great. Though my team went both years without a single win, a total record of 0-30, we had a lot of fun and really learned about playing competitively. I averaged around 10 points per game during both years and really just had a lot of fun.

High school wasn't a lot better. My coach hated my parents, and took it out on me. I think I'm the only senior in school history to not start on senior night. The crowd didn't like that either, though, and that was kinda cool. I still loved the game, though, and most of the guys I played with.

I'm going to try to get some of my basketball pictures from over the years up here so that everyone can see what I looked like coming up through the years. Hopefully I can find them!