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Some Results of Ministering to the Lord

by Roxanne Brant

Sometimes worship culminates in revelation, though normally revelation leads to worship.
When Moses went up to Mount Sinai, "The Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord...(then) Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth, and worshipped" (Exodus 34:5,8). When Moses saw God, his response was to worship.

When Jesus healed the man who was blind from birth, the man was questioned by the Pharisees, thrown out of the synagogue, and later found by Jesus. When Jesus told the man that HE was the Son of God, the blind man responded with worship. He said, "Lord, I believe. And he worshipped Him" (John 9:38).

When we see God, whether it be in His Word, through a manifestation of His power, or through some visitation experience, out automatic response is one of worship.

Sometimes it is as we worship and commune with God that He chooses to reveal Himself and unfold His truths to us. In other words, worship sometimes leads to revelation. Take, for example, the case of Anna, in Luke 2. As Anna worshipped the Lord and waited upon Him, God showed her many of His secrets. He showed her much about Jesus; for as she saw the baby Jesus in the temple, she "spake of Him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem" (Luke 2:38).

Worship brings us into one accord, into the unity of the Spirit.
As we worship the Lord with many other Christians, we are brought into a unity, a oneness. Instead of concentrating on our differences, we look at Jesus and focus on Him. As we are caught up in the wonder of His Person, those differences pale beside Him. It is as we look together to Jesus and worship Him that we are drawn closer to Him and to each other. Throughout the book of Acts, we see that the early Christians were in one accord, and as they waited upon the Lord together and worshipped Him, they were kept in one accord.

Worshipping the Lord not only brings a unity among Christians,
it releases the flow of God's life and power.
There is a power in praise and worship that pushes back the satanic and releases the Divine, and that brings our minds into captivity to Jesus Christ. God "inhabitrs the praises of His people." As we praise Him, the power of the Spirit is stirred up within us and moves out from us, pushing the enemy back. In Scripture, we see that as God's people came against the enemy, their spirits were lifted up in praise and worship. They were moved from the natural into the supernatural realm, singing the Lord's songs, the songs that the Holy Spirit created through them even as they were being sung. As they ministered to the Lord, the Lord moved through them and pushed back their enemies. Praise and worship release the power and life of God.

God is interested both in an inflow and an outflow of life.
God doesn't just want you to receive life, or to make you live; He wants to put the same Spirit in you that was in Jesus, so that out of the Holy Spirit in you will flow rivers of life-giving water. Jesus picked a very important time, at the Feast of Tabernacles, to say that if we would come to Him and drink, rivers of living water would flow forth out of our innermost beings. He chose to say this during the time when the priests poured water from the pool of Siloam, mingled with wine, upon the morning sacrifice which laid upon the altar. Jesus releases His rivers of living water through us as we come to Him and drink. As we worship and obey Him, these rivers flow Godward and manward, respectively.

Ezekiel saw a vision of the increasing, swelling River of God coming out of the Temple in Jerusalem. And "behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward" (Ezekiel 47:1), and flowed to the right side of the altar and along the south side of the eastern passageway, and eventually into the east country and the desert. It divided at a point south of Jerusalem into two rivers, one flowing into the Mediterranean and the other into the Dead Sea.

There is no outflow of water from the Dead Sea. It is dead because there is no outlet. This is true of many people's lives, and that is why they are spiritually dead. An ocean or sea in the Bible signifies a mass of humanity, and the Dead Sea signifies a mass of spiritually dead hunanity. But when people move out to obey God, they will do exploits in the power of His Spirit and move out into new Life, and they will be healed.

Worshipping the Lord keeps us in balance spiritually.
It also helps us keep everything in a proper perspective in our lives.
We need to focus more on the person of God than on His blessings, and more on His life than on the forms through which that life flows. It is time to let God arise. It is time to put Him first, not ourselves and our ideas and emphases. When we put programs, revelations, methods, anything above God Himself, then we become unbalanced, clinging to lifeless forms, and the life of God moves on without us. But if we minister to Him first and put Him first, then our lives will be continually enriched by Him and made channels of blessing to others.

You can never love Him too much. You can never spend too much time with Him, for your first ministry is to Him. He is worthy to receive "glory and honor and power: for (He) has created all things, and for (His) pleasure they are and were created" (Revelation 4:11).

From Chapter 4 of Ministering to the Lord, copyright 1980 by Roxanne Brant.


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