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A Glimpse, A Whisper

by Jane Toth

This page is dedicated to the memory of my precious sister in the LORD, Jane Toth, who went home to be with her Bridegroom on November 1, 1999. Jane touched so many people in her brief life, and no one left her presence without having been embraced by the love of Jesus, whom Jane knew so well. Everyone who ever met her was also lifted up to God in prayer by this funny, courageous, sweet-spirited, love-filled woman, who was a worshipper in spirit and in truth.

A window into heaven,
A glance into Your face.
I languish in Your presence
And marvel at Your grace.

Some storm clouds gather 'round me
But still You linger near.
Though the gale may blow and bluster,
You whisper in my ear.

"Be not afraid, My sister,
Though the darkness lurks about.
You are my bride intended.
Believe with Me, don't doubt.

"My arms reach out to hold you,
My love enfolds your heart.
I'm with you to the finish
As I have been from the start.

"I call you My beloved,
In whom is My delight.
Look to your crown above you,
Walk wholly in My sight.

"Bask purely in My Presence,
Lean wholly on My arm.
I'll lift and guide you homeward;
Protect you from all harm.

Be strong and of good courage,
Look not to left or right.
Your Bridegroom draweth nigh you,
A Beacon, your bright Light."

Psalm 65:5-8
Psalm 66:5-6


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