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Tuesday May 8th, 2001--
These past three years
Have gone so fast
We've seen our ups and downs
So many shows we have played
In front of many crowds
We never got to be on top
Yet our spirits never fell
No one signed us to a deal
But friends said we did so well
Now it's time We say Good-Bye
The memories won't set sail
Our love for you and all our friends
Will never cease to fail.

Thank You for all of the support over the past years. We have decided that we need to take some time off due to graduation and college. We appreciate all the time you have given us, all the miles that have been driven, and all the fun we've had. God Bless.
Some Idle Tuesday.
Saturday April 28th, 2001-- AND THE WINNER OF THE NAME THE SOME IDLE TUESDAY FAN CLUB IS...nomullit@hotmail.com! He will recieve a ton of junk from Some Idle Tuesday including a cd, t-shirt, a broken drumstick covered in sweat from Johnny Marzetti, a nice shiny pick from Johnny Leven, and a little baggy of Ernie Finch's spit collected off of the mic itself. The new name of the SIT FAN CLUB is TREAT A MEXICAN TO A PLASTIC PINK FLAMINGO LAWN ORDAMENT SOME IDLE TUESDAY FAN CLUB. The runners up are brentrobbins@engineer.com, ska_man_4_god@yahoo.com, fivebucksshort@juno.com, and hardcorefreak7@hotmail.com. The runners up will recieve a special gift from some idle tuesday. CHECK OUT THE SHOWS PAGE.

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