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Advanced Stacking Techniques

By: M.A. Shively


Technique Basics


The Advanced Stacking Technique is simple to learn and use. It is an innovative, efficient, and effective way to apply handcuffs. The technique promotes officer safety by keeping officers focused on suspects and limits risk of handcuff neuropathy.

Technique History:

While training police recruits a block of defensive tactics/handcuffing at the academy, many of the recruit's handcuffing skills were inadequate. They performed poorly on the practical exam. The recruits agreed to try something new. I introduced the technique to the class of 35. After about twenty minutes of demonstration and practicing, all recruits performed with 100% efficiency and they liked it. Recruits said the technique gave them confidence with handcuffing. 

Technique Basics:

There are two techniques. The "Outside Technique" and the "Inside Technique." These techniques can be easily incorporated into other popular handcuffing techniques, performed right or left handed, and from any position around the suspect.

Important Information


Techniques were designed using Peerless model 301 hinged handcuffs.


Never hammer handcuffs onto wrists. This may cause handcuff neuropathy.


Always check for proper tightness and double lock cuffs.


Advanced Stacking Techniques are endorsed by Peerless Handcuff Company.




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