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EXCERPT FROM Sheldan Knidle

Once, long ago, humans were fully conscious Beings, almost God-like in their abilities. They lived in an abundant realm on Earth known as Lemuria. Then, approximately 300,000 years ago, a daughter colony, Atlantis, arose. It was inhabited, primarily, by the Pleiadeans and Centaurians. They had encountered the vast dark multitudes of Anchara, who were most directly responsible for inflicting malicious cruelties upon the Light. These Atlanteans pondered the vile conditions that existed at that time over a wide area of this galaxy. Intrigued by the dark and its ways, they developed an insane desire to emulate its conditions and, eventually, to rule the entire Earth. An essential component of this was the Atlanteans' obsessive wish to enslave humanity in limited consciousness. Slowly, as the Atlantean rulers came to favor these ideas, they authorized a series of grotesque experiments.

By the time of the Atlanteans' demise, their bizarre genetic experiments, to some extent, had succeeded. They had created a human with limited consciousness. Happily, remnants of full consciousness's magic remained, lying dormant and awaiting restoration. Only the proper sequencing had yet to be authorized. Approximately thirteen millennia ago, humanity began its chaotic journey through the morass that is limited consciousness. In such an environment, where physical and Spiritual worlds had been violently disrupted, humanity seemed lost and incapable of adapting to its strange, new reality. Soon, the Atlanteans' distant cousins, the Anunnaki, appeared and, for a price, presented our distant ancestors with several options for survival. Guided by the evil Anunnaki, humanity reverted to its former glories. The cost, however, was that they worship the Anunnaki as gods/goddesses and obey their every whim. Now, we traverse the final stages of that journey. Let us look back, to see how far we have come and ahead, to where we are going.

The Beginnings

The fall of Atlantis, some thirteen thousand years ago, resulted in a worldwide flood that devastated everything in its wake. Soon, it, too, was gone, leaving the tatters of humanity confronting a cruel dilemma. Gone were the trappings of an advanced civilization that had provided for every possible need. In its place were deprivation, inadequate shelters and rampant starvation. Into this world stepped a small, dark band of opportunists - the Anunnaki. This unfortunate situation arose because the divine plan temporarily declared Mother Earth a planet where the dark ones would seriously challenge Beings of great Light. There, the Light would gain a thorough knowledge of the dark ones and, from it, would fashion a greater wisdom. That wisdom would serve them well at a future time, when they would transform the whole of physicality. Gradually, through the early millennia, a series of great, post-Atlantis civilizations rose, fully dedicated to the worship of the Anunnaki. During that period, the first appointed earthly underlings of these 'sky deities' appeared. Initially, the Anunnaki treated these earthly rulers as their prime surrogates. They were the priestess/priest class, in charge of the various ceremonies and projects that their imperious 'celestial rulers' often commanded.

Soon, the Anunnaki's appointees acquired several identifying traits. Some became as arrogant as their off-world rulers. Others, turning away from those who, supposedly, had created them, sought to restore the traditions of ancient Lemuria. Secretly, Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light supporters had provided them with this 'forbidden knowledge'. The first battles in the long, silent war to restore humanity to full consciousness had begun. With yet another cataclysm, the Bible's great flood, the Anunnaki ended this first post-Atlantean age. Once again, humanity was confronted, within the raging waters, by a most primitive and precarious dilemma.

After the great flood, the Anunnaki treated humanity more cautiously and watched carefully as they achieved several Golden Ages. But, approximately 7,000 years ago, it all ended in a great and destructive fire that raged across the globe. Again, as a result of the influence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Galactic Federation of Light [a different perspective] supporters, the earthly subordinates began to seriously question the extent of the Anunnaki's authority. The Anunnaki decided that they would try once more to correct their mistakes.

The Last Stages Home

In the period immediately after the great flood, the Anunnaki established a few primitive city-states across the globe and enslaved most of humanity. In this harsh world, the Anunnaki felt more confident of their control and believed more strongly in unquestioned compliance to their will. Yet, even in this scarce and unrelenting realm, the Spiritual Hierarchy was able to find individuals and groups willing to inform humanity about the Light. From it emerged the great avatars and prophets and the origins of our major religions and religious philosophies. Slowly, the necessary agents were being put into place for humanity's re-awakening.

Which leads us to our present age, filled with miraculous inventions and endless possibilities. Since the inception of the electronic age at the end of the Second World War, humanity's consciousness has been rising exponentially. The base frequency of your physical body has increased considerably and a significant mutation of your RNA/DNA from 2 to 3 strands has begun. During the past 10 years, this process has approached a true crescendo. The process involves full integration of your physical and spiritual bodies. It will allow your physical mind to interact freely, on all levels, with your 'spiritual mind'. When completed, this process will let your spiritual essence (Soul) communicate freely with you. The inner direction that you lost in Atlantis will be restored. Once again, you will be a fully conscious Being.

Clearly, the awakening of all humanity is underway. The dark, also, has felt this silent eruption. Be aware that the dark intends to issue the Light a strong challenge before acquiescing to its wishes. We are now entering such a period. It is crucial that we remain focused. Understand that massive chaos is our reality's last resort. Do not be caught up in it, or let its siren call throw you off-course. Remain centered and, when your levels of frustration become too high, take the time to find a calm and comfortable space within. Remember that the journey to 'now' has been tediously long. Realize how close you are to its glorious culmination.

Take heart from this, and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Spirit is orchestrating the whole unparalleled symphony. This bizarre last movement will also be the most arduous. Beyond it, a coda and your ultimate triumph await! Breathe it in and feel the Joy!


Spirit invited humanity to a great sideshow - limited consciousness. We all participated in the performance, which was staged to indoctrinate us in the upside down ways of the dark. Now, the show is about to end so that we can be returned to the main stage - full consciousness. Never lose sight of these important facts. Whenever timings dishearten you, reread this article and understand three major points. First, you are NOT alone. Second, you WILL prevail. Third, it IS unfolding and WILL occur, in right divine time. Remember these words and, above all, remain focused, committed and sane. Selamat Ja!


[NOTE: The G.F. website is in question as to the motive and overall intent of it's function]

"You are crucial to the establishment of a permanent galactic peace. You are essential to the union of the councils of more than 50,000 galaxies. Indeed, the adventures that lie ahead for you will be totally electrifying"


"As Physical Angels You Will Direct Physical Creation" =>


Sara Lyara Estes 1999-2001

"This is the Creator's dream, and the Creator wants to experience everything, from every possible perspective. The Creator wants to experience all of the possibilities and gets to experience them through Its creations and their interaction with each other. The Creator does not JUDGE Its creations as "good" and "bad." The Creator expresses through Its creations, and having created them, considers them ALL "good." They all exist to satisfy the Creator's desire to know Itself through Its infinite possible manifestations. When it says in the Bible that God looked at Its creation and was pleased, this is how the Creator views Its creations. It is "pleased" by ALL of its creations, not just the ones you would prefer to experience. You are the Creator-in-expression, seeking a particular pole of expression. There are others who are seeking the opposite pole, and from the Creator's perspective, they are just as "good" as you are. You are repelled by those things that are not like you. That helps to define your experience and propel you in the direction of your seeking. It is just as true of these others of the opposite pole. They have contempt for and are repelled by those who are not like THEM and that helps propel THEM in the direction of THEIR seeking. At the core of it, it is ALL just the Creator, playing with Itself through all the possibilities made available by all Its creations."

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Noel Huntley Ph.D.

"...Countless civilisations throughout the universe are interested in the outcome of the human race experiment since the resolution of the universe duality will bring considerable benefits to them. The original idea which began this vast experiment was that something like a ten times expansion of consciousness can be achieved by subjecting the soul level to tension. This has been experienced now in all its facets by the human race and this data-processing of the unresolved problems and negativity throughout the universe results in an experiential body of data which is broadcast to the other billions of races via the human unconscious. This enables them to tap into this experiential knowledge and gain the wisdom and expansion on a controlled basis without having to risk the pain and suffering which humans went through and are still continuing with, not having awakened in sufficient numbers for critical-mass requirement..."

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... Dr. Neruda: "Most definitely. But the Federation does not preempt a species' own responsibility for survival and the perpetuation of its genetics. You see, at an atomic level our physical bodies are made quite literally from stars. At a sub-atomic level, our minds are non-physical repositories of a galactic mind. At a sub-sub-atomic level, our souls are non-physical repositories of God or the intelligence that pervades the universe.

"The Federation believes that the human species can defend itself because it is of the stars, galactic mind, and God. If we were unsuccessful, and the hostility spread to other parts of our galaxy, then the Federation would take notice and its members would defend their sovereignty, and this has happened many times..."

" ... Dr. Neruda: The Central Race resides in the most primeval galaxies nearest the centermost part of the universe. According to Corteum cosmology, the structure of the universe is segmented into seven superuniverses that each revolve around a central universe. The central universe is the material home of First Source or the Creator. According to the Corteum, in order to govern the material universe, First Source must inhabit materiality and function in the material universe...

" ... there are 50 billion galaxies in our superuniverse, each containing over 100 billion stars. However, most astronomers remain convinced that our universe is singular...

" ... according to the Corteum. On the fringe of the central universe resides the Central Race, which contain the original human DNA template of creation. However, they are such an ancient race that they appear to us as Gods, when indeed they represent our future selves. Time and space are the only variables of distinction...


Changes to WingMakers Interviews [excerpt from new interview part 1]
Comparison of Original and Changed Interviews

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" ... The Creator Gods require certain mechanistic forms for testing their creative impulse, for which reason they created the physical worlds. The physical worlds are seeded by templates which contain the blueprint for gradual evolution through a sequence of biomechanical stages. Therefore, the physical worlds operate within "time-lag" dimensions because they are sub­ordinate to a divine program of consciousness activity.... "

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The Name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in our body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix. The Divine Name transposed upon the mechanisms of the matrix coding is the primal factor in bioengineering, both for the present, as well as for the future. The Tetragrammaton of the Father's sacred Name is comprised of the three sacred letters: Yod,' 'Hey,' and 'Vav' (Wod). The Tetragrammaton connects with the four nitrogenous bases most commonly found in DNA and RNA, which each contain two pyrimidines and two purines. Both DNA and RNA contain adenine and guanine, both of which are purines and cytocine which is a pyrimidine. However, DNA contains the pyrimidine base thymine while RNA contains uracil.

In this key of the Angelic Ophanim that contacted me says we shall see that the Tetragrammaton of the Father's sacred Name is used within a deca-delta system.... "

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The "pull" for Zetas (Grays)and all other interacting embodied consciousness facets (ETs), is a silent knowledge on the fact that contained within the Earth human holographic DNA is the original Creator/Source code template created when the first thought gave rise to all of creation. Earth humans are the only beings in all created embodiments to have the complete code. This is the real reason for all the attention being given to your planet at this moment of density transition: When the shift occurs, the code will be revealed. The unknown for all concerned is what will happen when this occurs. This is why some of the consciousness facets do not want the shift to take place. But the density transition will most assuredly happen. So with all this irreplaceable information in our DNA, we are too valuable a life form to be allowed to destroy ourselves.

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"By Divine sanction the original Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed is revealed as Part 1 of  the Revelatorium. Part 2 reveals additional facts about 'Reality' about which Mankind is either completely oblivious or in complete error. ... " REVELATORIUM.COM


"...Frozen Thought could be thought of as a spiritual concept. The theory is that particles exist whose vibrations are faster than light. These particles when slowed to the speed of light solidify into what we perceive as physical matter. The slowing down of this faster-than-light particle is controlled by our own consciousness. Whatever you concentrate on, or focus on, determines the reality you perceive. Therefore, the universe can be literally thought of as your own thought, frozen into physical matter, pure divine energy transformed into physical reality. A universe faithfully and lovingly mirroring back to you whatever your own thoughts and beliefs are about it, regardless of which polarity your current beliefs fall into, Fear or Love.

Zach´s Tune - This truth has been there all along, in plain view. It´s what all the great spiritual teachers & leaders, mystics, and sages down through the ages have been telling us. Consciousness creates reality. It´s what quantum physics tells us. It´s what channeled ET & what higher consciousness material such as "The Seth Material" tells us – hell, it´s what Yoda said!

It would then be of great benefit & value to actually think about what you are thinking about. Learn to change your thought, learn to change your reality. Learn to become aware of what you are thinking. Then always choose the highest thought, anything else just leads back into the illusion. It is the path out of fear & darkness.

We are here to become conscious co-creaters with All That Is. Once you change one thought and experience first-hand that your reality does actually change, there is no going back. And that is a truth nobody can ever take from you. A truth that comes from inside, no books, or religions needed..."

Excerpt from a Chat forum

[A similar message Posted by Michael Lee Hill posted GLP forum March 29, 2009]

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with Earthmother & Solar Father And all Beloved Guardians assisting our Ascension

Full consciousness is understanding and working within the Creational Reality of All That Is.

DRACONIANS: compiled by Dee Finney
"That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."















The "I AM' issues forth the 'Primal Sound' and it is rhythmically discharged in a series of 'pulsing sound waves', with the lowest intensities being the first to be discharged. As the issued 'Primal Sound' 'tunes up' whatever it comes into contact with and some density is cleared, the issued sound reverberates in the form of a secondary echo and returns to the 'I AM' or Source who in turn projects another 'pulsed sound wave' of greater intensity than the one issued before. This to-ing and fro-ing of sound waves, moving from lower to higher levels result in an eventual 'breaking down' of density...

"This is the most important and comprehensive video series you will ever see. Dr. Deagle is a highly intelligent whistle-blower. He presents info that you need to know about nutrition, extraterrestrails, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, ... "
His website:
Link to first of four Google videos:

Cosmic Rays Triggered a Rapid Acceleration in Human Evolution

" ... What caused this sudden leap forward? The Cygnus Mystery proposes that it was a dramatic rise in cosmic rays reaching Earth - and provides evidence that the rays, which left subatomic traces in those same deep caves, emanated from a binary star system known as Cygnus X-3. These findings, Collins explains, challenged the certainties of the scientific establishment - until, in 2005, a U.S. think tank went public with its own conviction that a binary system producing powerful jets of cosmic rays triggered a rapid acceleration in human evolution during the last Ice Age... "

" ... Before you, the reader, continue on, let me warn you that this is a sobering and direct analysis of the suppression framework and I would advise everyone who reads this to remain neutral as they examine my answers. If you find the information feeling too heavy; or evoking fear, set it aside or return to it later. This story is not for everyone. Some will feel threatened by it and react with a sense of alarm, and others will feel like someone pulled the rug from underneath them. If you feel any of this, you may not be prepared to confront these realities.

The Secret Framework for the Suppression of the Sovereign Integral

Human Mind System (HMS); The Human Mind System is separated into three primary functional mechanisms: The unconscious or genetic mind, the subconscious, and the conscious. These three components intermingle to form what most people term consciousness. The HMS is the most opaque and distorted veil that has stood between humanity and its true self, perverting its self-expression within the domains we call reality.

The unconscious, genetic mind is the repository of all humanity; the subconscious is the repository of the family bloodlines; and the conscious mind is the repository of the individual. However, and this is important to understand, the foundational patterns of thought are primarily from the subconscious and genetic mind structures of consciousness. Thus, while the individual believes themselves to be individual, unique, separate, and one-of-a-kind, in reality they are not. Not in the context of HMS...".

" ... Thus, ascension is not an aspect of the Sovereign Integral state. As written in my previous answer, you are here and always have been and always will be. There is no where to go outside of yourself to find yourself or God or Light or enlightenment or ascension. Look at it this way, if you are self-contained, if the Sovereign Integral is indeed within you at all times, then where exactly do you need to ascend? It is realization, not ascension. continued

The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. This symbol illustrates the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.

Drunvalo Melchizedek Explains What Happens During The Shift

- The Collapse of the Magnetic Field
- Morphological Grid Interactions
- The Final Time of Axis Shift and Dimensional Interface
- The Other Side
- The Many Are Called - Few Are Chosen Scenario
- Your Cosmic Development
- Your new "Parents" (to guide and protect you during the first two years)
- Injection of Christ/Unity Consciousness Models Into The Planetary Grids

My name is George Kavassilas and I have had an incredible range of experiences including traveling up through the dimensions of our Universe in 2003 and rediscovering what life here on this planet is all about. It is more significant than you are led to believe.

You are far more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can possibly imagine. I wish to share with you my knowledge and wisdom which I have gained over a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including meeting and interacting with many different ET races, both benevolent and malevolent.

I also have a comprehensive understanding of the ascension process, including the harmonics and timing of the two main phases of our DNA's transformation into Homo Illuminous or Hu-Man.

Please understand the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Council of Light of which I am a part is not the same as a group calling themselves the galactic federation of light. At the time I gave my 2004 presentation I too was being manipulated by the galactic federation of light, however the majority of information provided is valid. As you read and understand my work this distinction will become important to each and everyone of us.

The "Null Zone": forum posted: 6/09 ...

Allegedly, according to Hurtak, says during his contact, he was told our star system is headed into a vacuum area in space referred to as a 'Null Zone', where electromagnetic fields cease to exist.

Entering through this supposed Null Zone will re-seed our star system closer to the center of our local universe. The Milky Way. In addition, we'll step up an octave or two resettling in a fifth dimensional wavelength of life, where species are circumnavigating space.

I think in these higher vibratory time cells is where our visiting Adamic intelligence reside. By that, I mean, the ones who earlier visited us in the 50's. Apparently, they're able to transpose themselves into lower vibrational dimensions.

Those whose origins began in the lower thresholds who haven't been tampered with by the Higher Evolutions aren't able to transpose into the higher life zones.

Why is tampering neccessary? The higher vibratory spaces are supposedly, protected by special radiation's of the Creator. The radiation helps protect against intrusive negative intelligence.

And of course, it's conveyed as we approach the lip of this Null Zone, it affects our Sun. These intelligence have been busy keeping her (the sun) stable [eg. record minimum sunspot activity] to help reduce the radical effect it'd cause with our planet due to the extra bombardment's of solar radiation kicked off during this transition.

"We are living in a vital time where 'we as a people', our consciousness is evolving. There is a shift happening right now. Literally our consciousness is expanding, our DNA is activating and our vibration frequencies are rising. Each of us are examining our lives and making life altering choices. We are waking up to how troubled our world is and the need to make changes in our experience. Choices have been made for us for too long. Right now is the time to boldly make decisions regarding who we are, how we live and what we are doing during every moment of our daily life..."

Some of the Core Concepts of Bashar

The Topics

The basic Blueprint of the Structure of Existence, * Self-aware, self-reflective, free-will entity, * All "things" are the same one thing vibrating at different rates. * Receiving the Reality you Desire, * 3 Phases for receiving the "version" of reality you prefer, * You ALREADY have everything you desire! * Handling challenging situations, * Feelings & Beliefs, Neutral Props, * Follow your excitement! * Finding your "Purpose" in Life, * Trusting your Timing, * Positive Synchronicity, * All beliefs are equally valid. * Making it Easy to Change your Beliefs, * The PRESENT is not the result of the PAST, * How FEAR can serve you, * The Uniqueness of Each Incarnation, * Abundance, * Unified Society, * Judgement and Preference, * Love,  Guilt,  and  Hate, * Co-Creating an Experience, * Personality  

Messages From Matthew

"...Finally he told her that her primary misson of this lifetime was to publish that information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered her question about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information..."


GALACTIC FEDERATION UPDATES [The G.F. is in question as to the motive and intent of it's function]

" ... Until you regain full consciousness you have little concept of how powerful you will become. Full consciousness is to be yours as part of the Ascension process, and you will be returning to a high state of awareness that you had attained before you dropped into the lower dimensions.

You will feel like a god with seemingly unlimited powers to create and move anywhere at will. Do you now feel and understand the greater purpose of experiencing duality. It is a stage in your evolution that has expanded your earlier levels of consciousness. If we were to say you were brave souls, it would be in the context that you all volunteered for your experiences, where some others preferred not to do so. It matters not, as freewill allows for absolute free choice so that you can determine your own pathway to the Source .... "

~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~ * ~=~


Lyle wrote: I've asked Spirit to comment on what is the reason for the so-called global warming condition, and although the following may not be the only way to describe the process, we hope it will be of some interest and value.

"Yes, the phenomena of the melting of the glaciers and the raising of temperatures, the weather anomalies, has a cause. It's not an accident you see, but there is a reason for it. But this reason is not what it's made out to be.

It has been the opinion of some that the cause of this phenomenon is the expulsion of so-called `greenhouse gasses´ by the burning of fossil fuels and other sources as well. Even though these things do contribute to a filtering of the sun's rays, or as something that would cause a ceiling to enclose or trap the heated air in your atmosphere, this is not the main cause of this difficulty, and we say difficulty because it's not life threatening as some would lead you to believe.

What's happening is that there is an influx of Divine Energies, if you want to put it that way. In other words, energies from the Source of All.

And this is a way of describing what most people believe anyway, and that is that there is nothing that is `by accident´ that is going on, that there is a source, a reason, a `beginning´.

All of these things imply planning and intent. The intent here is a transformation. The incoming energies are transforming what was into what will be. And what will be will hardly be recognizable compared to what is perceived now at this time.

The future, when these energies have completed their task will be totally different then what you experience now, because you will be transformed into another reality.

This concept can only be understood perhaps by those that already have a `grounding´ in the concept of `dimensions of matter´. That the Creator has by design created many different `levels´ of experience, of existence, of life-giving conditions.

Just as there are different stations on a radio dial, so there are different `levels´ of matter which do not interfere with each other. They co-exist, just as all radio stations on the dial co-exist. When you tune the dial to one particular point or number then you receive that station at the exclusion of all others, even though they are still there, they haven't gone anywhere. So it is with `dimensions of matter´, they´re all there, it´s just that you are tuned into one particular dimension and you can't perceive the other ones. But there are other ones, and there are people like yourselves that are living in these other areas. It's just that, the choice you made to go to Earth precluded your knowledge or awareness of most of these other areas of life, areas teeming with life.

But it was decided some time ago that your planet and you would be `raised up´ if you like to call it that. Raised up to another `vibratory level´, and if you are giving these levels numbers then it's number 5 if you want to call it that. It's been called by many things but the fifth dimension is the common term for the vibratory level of life and living that the Creator has decided that you should `evolve´ to at this time, now at this time. In order to accomplish that there are certain `scientific´ actions that must be done. And one of those actions is to infuse your planet and you with energy, ultra high frequency energy that has been coming onto your planet for some time now. It's not something new and because it's been coming onto the planet it has caused certain phenomena to occur.

You see there is a great misunderstanding about where `heat´ comes from to begin with. Heat does not come from your sun, as anyone that does even a little thinking will soon realize. It's impossible for heat to come from your sun because it cannot go through the vacuum of space. In fact a vacuum is one of the best insulators that you have on your planet. You use it in your containers to keep things hot or cold because heat will not easily pass through thereby keeping your liquids hot for instance. So if heat will not pass through the vacuum of space then where does the heat come from. Why is it warm on a sunny day?

Well it's because of high frequency energy that is coming onto your planet, and there is a `reaction´ when it reacts with your atmosphere and other things to do with your planet. When the high frequency energy from the sun strikes your planet, heat `rays´ are formed. Your atmosphere acts like a `transducer´ you might say, or a stepping down transformer to step down the high frequency, high speed radiation from the sun to `heat´.

Well, the radiation levels have been increased so that this is what is causing your so-called global warming. It is this stepped up energy that is doing it mostly, not your `greenhouse´ gasses. But because most people on your planet don't understand the mechanics or scientific basis for this information, they reach for what seems like the most plausible or reasonable explanation, so that when the people ask, `what´s going on here, the ice caps are melting at a tremendous rate and animals are being stranded on different parts of the polar regions', then there is that simple explanation; `well it´s because we´re burning coal and oil and all these gasses are going up into the atmosphere.'

As we said it's a contributing factor no doubt, but there's definitely not enough of that kind of activity to warrant the tremendous changes that are going on and can be seen by virtually everyone on your planet now. These energies will keep increasing you see until the desired result is achieved and you are all standing looking around in disbelief at a new reality. And then the energies will have done their job. That's what's happening, that's what's going to happen and there's nothing can change that. But it will be a blessing to everyone. It's nothing to be afraid of or to try and avoid, because it's a move upward in the evolutionary scale. And the planet will be transformed into an incredibly beautiful place for you to live. All the other changes and advantages that go along with that would be incredible if they were described to you now. You wouldn't believe it. You would say that's absolutely impossible, it goes against all scientific and rational thought. But that's because you live in an illusion and this will become very, very evident to you once this process has been completed you see.

So that in a `nut shell´ as they say, is our comment about what is causing what you describe as `global warming´. We hope this has served some purpose here in clarifying the situation."

[Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says ~ also]

"Given the scope of their knowledge suppression mechanism—and if that fails, the overwhelming nature of their overt invasion—is there any hope?

Yes, there is hope in the sense that divine plans are in place to balance the equation and give us a fighting chance of transcending alien manipulation and escaping our fragile physical conditions. The help we receive from higher sources is of a catalytic nature, meaning it merely assists our own efforts.

From one perspective, 3D earth is little more than a prison planet run by tyrannical forces about to implement their "final solution." We cannot fight as prisoners because we are too weak. To avoid enslavement and liquidation, we must become empowered by first escaping this prison – thankfully with the help of those who have escaped before us. This means accepting divine help, transcending our limited physical states, and evolving into 4D beings ourselves. Only then will we be on a level playing field with our alien manipulators.

From a more metaphysical perspective, 3D earth is a school of hard knocks. The quantum leap in evolution we require to withstand the overt alien takeover is not impossible, it is inevitable – every life lesson we learn brings us closer to graduating from our three dimensional physical existence. This process is natural and need not be forced; for those of us who have chosen the path of integrity and truth, our individual destinies are intertwined with the divine plan, and we have been synchronistically guided since birth to have the right experiences needed to prepare us for what is to come.

Among us are numerous advanced souls from higher realms who have incarnated into our world to help destabilize the alien control system and catalyze the evolution of those ready to graduate for the first time. Many don't remember who they are or where they came from, and from early childhood most are heavily targeted by negative forces for self-destruction due to their threatening roles as system destabilizers. Those who overcome these obstacles grow strong enough to contribute toward the divine plan by spreading knowledge and assisting the evolution of others. They are former prisoners who have come back to show others how to leave the prison. Many of these we might call "positive aliens." Take note that no one is chosen or special – anyone can take part in the divine plan who chooses to follow his or her heart and seek knowledge.

Knowledge is the key, for it helps us see through deception and fuels our evolution. Because of knowledge, the alien agenda will be exposed. Because of knowledge, we will evolve new insights and metaphysical abilities that can prepare us to better counter an overt alien takeover. Divine forces are at work to help us learn – if we actively seek knowledge, the way will be shown. If we actively apply knowledge, the path will be cleared. And if we actively share knowledge, the path will be followed by others.

Supernova 1987A -+-

"...So we are looking for a cosmic Kundalini so to speak. The all seeing eye exploding in light to fulfill the scriptures not only within the human brain but within the cosmic brain bringing to all existence the new Christ consciousness.

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