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Posted at GLP forum: June 29, 2010 (excerpts)

User ID: 1019703 United States 6/29/2010 11:22 AM

Quote: "I can tell you VERY GOOD TIMES ARE COMING people!!!

I'll just tell you that people treat me like a King now...

You are going through a process of releasing old emotional stuff etc....darkness before the dawn....

Feel the feelings and let go and go slowly and respond consciously and don't react.

Just know that all the fear you are feeling is just because you are releasing the old to make way for the new

I can tell you since I've already arrived that it's wonderful feeling no more emotional ups and more fear or anxiety..

FEAR NOT!!! Things are only gonna get better from here on forward

WE are the powers-that-be and WE are making a better earth!


A. C.  (Original Poster) User ID: 1019703 6/29/2010 11:29 AM

There will be no calamity!

I don't need drugs or alcohol.

I'm telling you what I'm experiencing.

You all are experiencing the fear of the collective because there is emotional releasing going on.

I've been through the experience already. Trust me. Only good things are gonna happen from now on.

There will be a beautiful planet coming. You need to release the old kaka before you can move onwards.

What you are feeling is stuff you are releasing. I am 100% confident of what I'm saying because I'm telling you I'm experiencing the new earth now and it's beautiful!


A. C. (Oriiginal Poster) User ID: 1019703 United States 6/29/2010 11:32 AM


"For some of us we've already gone through long process

Now it is time for the rest of you

You will feel EVERYTHING you are not dealing with. If you have any emotional issues they will need to be dealt with. The energy will force it on you.

You are feeling fear now but eventually you will feel no fear anymore as I feel no fear

Just forget doom and gloom. It won't happen! It's over for that stuff!

You are just releasing old stuff. It will pass.


A. C. (OP) User ID: 1019703 6/29/2010 11:39 AM

You know people I've been getting symptoms and experiences for 5 years.

I initially embraced all the new age crapola from day one because I was getting these symptoms.

After a couple years I rejected all new age stuff for 100% and became a skeptic.

But this year I've had amazing experiences and I can tell you I've come FULL CIRCLE.

It is not bullshit. There is a new paradigm upon us.

The energy since the solstice is HUGE and I observe the fear in people. I don't feel it. I only have wonderful experiences now. It's so surreal for me now. I think how silly I was for doubting that a new beautiful earth was coming.

Trust me people! I was the biggest skeptic out there but I can't deny what is happening to me. You should have seen the people today treating me like a King. It's amazing!

The freedom of not feeling anger, sadness, fear or anxiety is amazing!

Just feel all you're need to release all of it!

Forget the doom and gloom and fear. It ain't gonna happen!


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User ID: 348276 "It is true. I am experiencing the same feeling of release and joy.

Right now, it doesn't feel like it, because we are in the destruction stage. The cycle of cyles ending. Everything collapses, the old patterns don't work anymore, but we still don't have the new ones (impass). Of course it is not comfortable, of course it doesn't feel good, of course it doesn't feel like we are heading towards something good, but we are.

We, human beings have the best gift of all: We create our reality with our thoughts. You choose where your attention is, and there is where you are.

Don't believe me. Give it a try. Stop focusing on fear and catastrophies for one day, and focus on the beauty, joy, gratefulness and love that you feel and also exists in your world. All of a sudden you will see that both realities exists and all depends on which one you choose.


A. C. User ID: 888780 - 6/29/2010 11:52 AM

I agree (to Original Poster)

However you need to understand that this releasing is going to be one hell of a scary ride for most others. Telling them simply won't help. I guess that's as it should be.

We'll all be here and fine in the end but all hell is about to break loose in the physical first. Only those who can see beyond won't feel the fear. Just quietly be there for the others. Telling them won't help, it will only increase their fear and anger. Live your knowing instead of telling it and others will feel it and begin to resonate with you.


User ID: 888780 "True.

Those with a lot of suppressed negativity are going to be very unhappy and in tremendous fear (this, coming from someone who used to have panic attacks and constant anxiety).

But for those who do their internal "housecleaning" before the shit hits the fan, they will be the calm, quiet eye-of-the-storm - non-reactive to what's happening around them and able to respond from peace instead of react from emotion.

Emotional management is the NUMBER ONE survival skill. All else will not help if one is full of fear and other negativity. Fear/anxiety, anger, etc, destroy proper discernment, putting ones life at risk even in the safest of situations. They literally attract danger to you.


A. C. (OP) User ID: 1019703 - 6/29/2010 12:19 PM

Quoting: AlamaisI: "so how is it that YOU have gone through the process already? did you not have enough experiences to let go of all the "KAKA" as you put it? what makes you so special that youve gone on before most? serious question, not being confrontational or anything. just curious."

  It just started happening to me 5 years ago...I did nothing..

Initially it started to some head stuff where everything looks like props on a stage around me...over the years I've had emotional releasing and now am at the point I don't feel sadness, anger, fear etc. I feel a neutrality all the time kind of like a "zero point" companion has the exact same symptoms and we share reverse birthdays numerically.

Everyone is special. Everyone will just go through things at different times...Some started earlier than others..I started "changing" already in the 1990s...but the nastier symptoms started in 2005..

I feel like I'm an "energy processor" of sorts...kind of like I get rid of the old yucky energy and I bring in the new energy...That's how I can best describe it.

I wish you could be in my body and experience what I experience. I'm lucky my companion is getting the same otherwise I would have thought I was crazy...

It's too wonderful for words to describe.

I believe that most people are 8-10 years behind my process....meaning...that at worst some in the collective are at 2000-2001 level where I was at and at best in collective 2002-2003 level where I was at.

It will go much faster for you all in the collective since we are here "raising your level" is the best way I can say it...

" ... The new earth is already here...what you are seeing is a departing of the "lower energies" and that involves the collective population getting rid of "lower energy" emotions and OLD kaka that they've been holding for a long time.

I know I am already there because I feel neutral and from the way I'm treated by everyone...kind of like I'm an angel and people know it unconsciously and treat me in such a way...

It's hard to put into words..


 Quoting: A. C. 1019703

Let me help you then.
Can you say FARMACIA???
Come on, try it...


(OP) ... We are playing a game here. We have created many illusions and we've created many games and we've created ways to advance in the games you could say.

Some have just done the game and came to help others finish the game is all.

There is noone better than the other. It just is the way of the game.

Many can't handle the energies and won't be staying but others are being helped


(OP) User ID: 1019703 - 6/29/2010 12:36 PM

I eat whatever I want though some foods don't agree with me anymore like peanuts and grains...meat can be too greasy and heavy also...really my diet is limited to very few foods though I've been craving for awhile chocolate and sugar though that stage is coming to an end...

I kind of feel like Kevin Spacey appeared in the movie K-pax..kind of neutral observing strange people around me. I have to be careful because people can drain me and they suck on my energy and I have to cut it off often..

My mind functions differently too and I forget things and don't think about past and future anymore at all...information comes from "elsewhere also"

I don't give thanks to my nutrients and that isn't necessary..

I guess you could say I AM my higher self and have come down into the human's body and joined with the human

Time goes very's as though past, present and future have merged...i am everyone and everything and all aspects of those I encounter..that's what it feels like


(OP): I only come across from where you are will react or respond depending on where you are at in your "process"

Depending on your egoic perceptions I might appear arrogant to you and for others I may appear as just saying it like it is..

Everyone reacts depending on their "level of development"..

To respond consciously is to be in the "zero point" of neutrality. That is wonderful!


(OP) 12:47 PM

The storyline doesn't matter. It will be changing for the positive. We're already beyond the point of no return.

Doom and gloom are cancelled! 100% guarantee!


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A. C. (OP) User ID: 1019703 6/29/2010 1:17 PM

Quoting: A. C. 863371

"OP, who are you? and why are you here?"

  I am everything and everyone. I am all aspects. Honestly I don't feel like an "I" or "me" anymore. In fact it feels strange to say "I" or "me" I'm here for the same reason you and others are here. To communicate words.

Do you know pain?

I can access the memory of pain of the human body I inhabit.

I don't feel emotional pain at all. In fact when I see people crying it is odd for me. I feel compassion but it's with a detachment. It's strange to see others crying.

Physical pain is much less than others feel. I can run now for long time and fast and feel no pain. It's really strange.

Emotions don't exist for my partner and myself though I can access the imprinting of the human body I'm in.

Does that answer your question?

... It's interesting the human body I'm in now. It's as though it has changed completely. It makes new noises now that it never made. It requires lots of water now. The heart noises I get are strange indeed and pretty much everyday. I get muscle spasms in all areas also.

I haven't been sick since March of 2003. I feel it doesn't matter anymore the poisons. They don't hurt my body anymore with the changes.

What they have been doing doesn't matter with the new body.

User ID: 888780 Yes, thank you. You are a beacon of light. My advise to you is to produce miracles. Maybe that is why you are here.


Everyone will go through similar but different. All issues not dealt with will have to be dealt with. There is no running and hiding. Many will die and move on elsewhere.

It's nice the symptoms and experiences I have but I also don't feel as though I belong here anymore. I just want to go in a log cabin in the woods and enjoy nature and eat nice food lol.. Okay now I'll go throw the ball to the dogs.
They love that!
I'll be back sometime.

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An Amazing Synchronicity Happening Worldwide - The Door is Opening

a forum post March 2011: I don't think it is just me. I believe that many, many people are now beginning to remember their true mission for incarnating in this reality. I have heard so many people say that they have heard others talking about things they personally had experienced when they thought they were alone, and or crazy. There are feelings that I have had since I was young that I am now beginning to hear people speak about openly on the web. I hear people talk of hearing ideas that they just "know in their hearts" to be true. When we do research into these ideas, we find that these "new" ideas are not new at all and have been around for thousands of years. They were spoken about by the wise men, written down on papyrus scrolls or chiseled into stone on temple walls, but they are being spoken about now by everyone. Not just by the elite or priestly classes.

What is the reason for this change? There are several possibilities. One is that we are all part of a whole and we are all one manifesting physically in many different physical forms here on Mother Earth right now. Another is that we are recipients of new energetic spiritual waves coming from an external source in space. Or maybe it is a telepathic communication of some sort like the "100 monkeys" story. Or it is coming from the highest life force of all, our creator. Maybe it is all of these.

All I know is that right now, many people are beginning to share the same personal understanding of their view of our spiritual reality. These stories are not just similar, they are almost exactly the same. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that everyone in the world is all believing the same thing. But, there is a new view of our spiritual existence being discussed for the first time in a long time. I hear it everywhere, at conspiracy websites, religious sites, alternative views sites and even in the mainstream media.

Now the skeptics would say it is because of all of the fear right now in the world. When people are afraid, they look for an answer in religion. Well, that may have something to do with it, but I feel it is deeper and more profound than that. I believe that we are beginning to remember what we lost long ago. We are truly beginning to awaken to a lost understanding of who and what we really are. We are starting to understand that we no longer need a priest, guru or master to tell us what God is and what he expects of us. We are beginning to believe that we are powerful and wise enough to communicate with God ourselves without an intermediary. We are beginning to realize how magnificent our true being really is. We are not inferior, we are not born in sin, we are not inherently evil. We are all part of God and as such are all brothers and sisters and part of the One True Creator.

This understanding is growing! It can't be stopped! We are beginning to understand that we have been kept asleep intentionally. No more! Awaken my brothers and sisters. *smile*
Thanks for listening. Peace

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" ... But, if You truly understand the world You are living in and the power You have, You will KNOW this is TRUTH.

The world You are seeing with Your eyes is not real. It is illusion!!!

YOU MUST GET THIS SOON, Dear Ones, the time is critical for this lesson to be learned. The world You see is a projection of Your own mind, and the thoughts You think are what You SEE in Your world.

The POWER YOU POSSESS IS IN YOUR MIND. The war You are fighting is not of the physical, it is not over material possessions or of an earthly nature… the war is in YOUR MIND.

Your mind is the battlefield and Your emotions are the ammunition!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. This message is vital for tipping the scales in the favor of LOVE and LIGHT.

You are being attacked at a mental level, by thoughts and images projected at You as mind bombs of FEAR. Your mind and Your emotions are what is at stake here, and they are using Your own thoughts and emotions as ammunition to destroy You. Your world will be born anew, and She will exist for You on another plane of Higher Consciousness, but unless YOU PERSONALLY RAISE YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS TO MEET HER, YOU WILL BE LEFT HERE...."

" .... These unconscious controllers are absent of Love, and are fueled by all of the negative emotions fed to them by the mass mind.

We want You to understand that You are continually fuelling them by fearing them...."
(continued) channeled material from Alicia A. Rammel - Source

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2011 TO DO LIST 

"HANG ON because time, reality, consciousness, ascension/evolution is going to speed up another 20-fold faster on March 9, 2011. Sensitive people have been feeling it building during the Fall months of 2010, but it will fully arrive on March 9, 2011 ...."

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"The Unveiling"

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