The Realms and Personalities of Me

Greetings and salutations. This is one of my first works online. Tis a collection of different hobbies. Mostly, as you will see they are Role Play based.

I am known by many names and faces, but prominately, online, I am known as Lord Delnar Lucre. This is a site is mostly dedicated to the realms I have created and the personalities that I have role played or RPed as it is also known.

I have spent most of my time RPing, infact started there, in the games of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons™. So most are of that setting and by their rules. Though, know that they are based on the 2nd Edition rules. If any of my realms or personalities happen to mirror any place or person in real life it is totally a coinsidence. Any pictures that are within these pages have been found upon my comp, being sent to me by friends. If they belong to any that see them, I will give the artist credit or remove them if so requested.

Those that do RP and have fantasy sites that come through here, please feel free to link to my site and please send me an email, or sign the guest book, listing that you have done so, the name you go by, and the link to your site so that I may thank you and place you in my acknowledgement section. Well, this isn't even close to finished, but it is a start. Look for further updates as time goes by.

The ways to other realms, personalities, and such

RP Disclaimer This is for those that think RP is Satanic!!
Acknowledgements These are people and organizations that I have RPed with or have used their items.
Personalities These are the different personalities that I have RPed.
My Worlds and Such These are the different worlds that I have created.

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