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All About Little Bun

Little Bun is a Netherland dwarf New Zealand White mix with Californian markings. I rescued Little Bun from pet store life on October 19, 1998. On that day she stole my heart with her out going personality. She is considered “The rabbit for everyone” simply because she has all the traits that many rabbit owners long for in their furry friend. If you were to meet Little Bun you would be captivated by her charm. She would tuck her head under your hand and demand that you pet her. She would invite you down to the floor where she could lick your face, arms and legs. She runs to you for attention when you enter the room. She’ll stand on her back legs and beg for treats. She comes when called, that is if she feels like it and loves to snuggle. She enjoys playing with her toys, and she could chew something for hours. She is very nosy, and when she sees you near her stuff, she runs and gets under you to investigate what your doing. If someone new comes into her view, she has to sniff and see who they are. But yet, she can be aggressive, and of course stubborn. I guess it just depends on the day.

Little Bun is around the age of three, and she weighs about 4 ˝ - 5 lbs. She was spayed when she was about five months old. My brother took her to the vet to be spayed, and ever since that day she doesn’t like him. She runs when he enters the room, and she will only come near him for a treat. Although she has started to warm up to him again over the years, she still seems to be little cautious to him. I guess what they say is true, animals never forget.

Little Bun understands many voice commands. I discovered she knew her name one day when I was talking about her to my boyfriend. When I mentioned her name, she instantly looked over at me and she perked up her ears. Now, when I call her name she’ll come to me for attention or a treat, that if she feels like it. She also understands many other commands such as the famous words, “No!” and “stop!” she hears those two about a hundred times a day. She also knows, “Come here!" "Get in your litter box!" and “Treats!" among many other things. She also watches and understands my body movements. Like, she’s always watching to see if I reach for the treat box. Also, if I pat the top of my bed she’ll usually jump up for some attention

Well that’s all for now. Click here to view Little Bun’s photo album. Little Bun tells me that I’m always embarrassing her by showing her pictures to everyone…but she is just so cute! If you want, you can e-mail Little Bun, just put “Hi Little Bun” in the subject line. She tries to answer all her e-mail but I hate it when she gets hay in the keyboard!