Lith's Fanart

Some more of my fanart can be found over in the MummArch Shrine. Click on the images for the full-size color versions.

Hiroki faces off with Belialvandemon. Oikawa doesn't notice.
On the other hand, here's something Oikawa does notice.
Equal time for the bad guy...
Cody listens to Yukio's memories of Hiroki. I'm sure Upamon is playing tag with Datirimon out of frame somewhere.
Marcel, a creation of the inestimable Silvormoon.
Yukio, ready to share some of Gennai's workload.
Probably cuter than he ought to be. I can't seem to draw loose gloves, either, so his hand looks too big. Still, turned out pretty nice.
Wizardmon & Gatomon
Seriously fluffy. Technically I guess it'd be PG. A lot of this drawing is really akward looking, but what the heck. If I get around to doing a background, I'll try to fix their eyes too.
Cute li'l viral Patamon.
Other People's Fanart

Cool fanart by fans across the 'net.

This is the cover of a Jou/Gomamon doujinshi I found on a webcrawl. I think it's the sweetest peice of fanart I've ever seen. If anyone happens to have this, I beg you for a copy or scans. Gomamon's probably my favorite Digimon. I mean, he attacks with FISH! come ON! He rocks on out. Jou's pretty cool too.

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