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Digital Angst: Oikawa, Ken, and well heck, most of season 2.
Oikawa Yukio was pretty much just Ken squared. Ken only wanted to deaden the emptiness his brother's death had left, and used the rush of power to do it - Oikawa was flat-out obsessed with the death of his best friend and their dream of making it to the Digital World. Despite all the pain, suffering and death he enabled Myotismon to cause, I have to wonder.. If he had never met Myotismon, would he ever have seen the Digital World? Would Arukenimon and Mummymon ever have existed at all?

Ken wasn't as thorougly screwed up in the head as Oikawa, but he wasn't having a good time either. He was also very young when his brother was killed, and arguably a lot more vulnerable. Although his parents were there (I think it was implied that Yukio's were not), they were not there for *him*. They had all but forgotten Ken, and they certainly never encouraged him to develop his own identity once he began to fill his brother's shoes. His negative emotions flourished with the help of the Dark Seed, and he gave himself over to them with rather a lot of enthusiasm when he became the Digital Emperor.
Cody just.. kicks ass. His father, Hiroki (Oikawa's aforementioned friend) was a policeman killed in the line of duty, so he has issues with right vs. wrong for most of the series, and takes a good ten episodes of watching Ken debase himself before he'll completely forgive the former Emperor. He takes injustice very hard, and very personally. He'll also kick your butt with his mad Bukindo skillz.
Hmm.. I like Kari, but there isn't that much to say about her. Most of her character development happened in 01, which I haven't seen for a while. Because of this, she's pretty much the only 02 Digidestined who's got her head screwed on straight. I guess mostly I like her because she shares with Ken a vulnerability for the powers of darkness. And gets mentally attacked. Woo! And of course she's with Gatomon, who has that whole 'love confessed too late' thing going on with Wizardmon.
And then there's Blackwargreymon. He was a pretty typical 'lost warrior' type character, but what the hey, he was fun. And he got a minute and a half of squirting gouts of black blood past BS&P. Not to mention his Digivolving toy is just cool as all hell. Lil' Black Agumon and all.


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