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903 Settlemire Road, Lebanon, Ohio, 45036

Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday EST
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~~~ Hope everyone is enjoying the flying season~~~


Tom Scott from CMAD Racing sent photos of Randy Ritch's new plane.
We did the graphic installation in house to help Tom out.
Pylon racing season is in full swing.

Darrell Biser stopped by and we fit his new Dalton Extra 260 with graphics.
Al Young now is the owner of Dalton Aviation. Darrell made comment that
Al was very helpful with this build. Plane looks great.

Mike Dunevant purchased Darrll Biser's old Dalton Extra.
We had to make some changes to the artwork for Mike.
He fly's Futaba and Darrell fly's Spektrum.

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We are the leaders in Kustom made Vinyl Graphics for model aircraft.
We don't sell motors, batteries, planes or other R/C related items.
Our business is Kustom Vinyl Graphics for your models.
Kirbys Kustom Vinyl Graphics
have been doing kustom graphics since 1995.

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Rapid Tac is an application fluid,
far superior to the soap and water solutions.
Purchase your application fluid directly from Kirby's

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