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I got some photos from my very first customer. Rick was our first customer
way back in 1995 when we started our graphic business.
Pastor Rick AKA (Ricky) Arrowood sent over photos of his new Classic VW.
This was the same year as his first vehicle. Rick had me make up a
custom plate. He loves to drive his Miss Dolly out for an Ice cream.
I think he spends to much time talking with John Bradley AKA (The Ice Cream King)

Next photo is from my grand-daughter. She sent photos of her cheerleading bucket.
The bucket carries all her junk, while the cushioned lid acts as a stool.
Her papaw help her dress it up a bit with some school spirit logos.

Jeanette Hibpshman sent over a photo of the families newly restored boat.
Her daughter and husband did the restoration, so they name it after Elise.
Elise loves music since the musical name.

We recently help a local father and son team create a custom logo for guitars.
Jeremy and his dad design, create and make custom guitars. They really look great.

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We are the leaders in Kustom made Vinyl Graphics for model aircraft.
We don't sell motors, batteries, planes or other R/C related items.
Our business is Kustom Vinyl Graphics for your models.
Kirbys Kustom Vinyl Graphics
have been doing kustom graphics since 1995.

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far superior to the soap and water solutions.
Purchase your application fluid directly from Kirby's

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