BSA, Columbus Ohio, Tri-Creek District">
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Attention all Chapter Members
The Katinonkwat Chapter is now meeting the first Tuesday in March, June, September, & December at Bishop Hartley High School located at 1285 Zettler Rd in Columbus
2016 Lodge Calendar
Feb 6 Lodge Leadership Development at Camp Lazarus
Mar 12 Maple Syrup Festival at Camp Lazarus
April 1-3: Spring Fellowship & Lodge Banquet at Camp Lazarus
May 13-15 C-4B Section Conclave at Camp Kootaga, W. Va.
June 3-5 Ordeal/Brotherhood at Camp Falling Rock
July 8-10 Ordeal/Brotherhood at Camp Oyo
Aug 12-14 Ordeal/Brotherhood at Chief Logan Reservation
Sept 9-11 Ordeal/Brotherhood at Camp Lazarus
Sept 24-25 Shoot-o-Ree at Camp Lazarus
Oct 28-30 Fall Fellowship at Camp Falling Rock
Nov 4-6 Area Leadership Training Conference