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6/15/2000 - Congratulations are in order for Joey He has been inducted to the NHL Hall Of Fame.
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Attention all Fans:

First of all, It's great to finally see that I am not alone as a fan of Slippery Rock Joe. I had three reasons for setting up this site, and we have now accomplished two of those goals.

  • 1)To educate fans about Joey.
  • 2)To bring the fans throughout the country(world) together.
    And of course the ultimate goal...
  • 3)To have Mullen's number hanging in the Igloo.

I attended the Pens/Rangers game March 19 and mentioned Mullen to Tom Rooney (Penguins COO) in an interview during the first intermission. We both agreed and are pretty confident that Joey will most likely be inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame this year. This will be great. The step will more than likely lead to the retiring of his jersey. (Note: The retiring portion did not come from Rooney).
Tom Condon sent me an e-mail with a write up on Joey. I decided to share it with you. Tom Condon's Article
Thank you again for the support and keep the signatures coming. - Ken
If an error comes up when you sign it don't worry. It went through. Guest world is just doing some weird things.

Penguin Fan Central

Will's Ways

Why should #7 hang from the rafters of the Igloo?

  • First American Born Player to Score 1,000 Points
  • First American Born Player to Score 500 Goals
  • Key role player in the Penguins two cup victories
  • Collected 2 Lady Byng trophies
  • Lester Patrick Award (outstanding to USA hockey player)
  • Voted Penguin "Unsung Hero" Award in 1991-92 and 1993-94
  • Recieved Penguins "Players Player" Award in 1991-92 and 1996-97
  • Won Presidents trophy in 1993 1989 and 1988
  • Won three Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Flames and in 1991 and 1992 with the Penguins.
  • Three time NHL All-Star
  • 6 40+ goal seasons
  • Scored four goals in one game back-to-back in 1991-92
  • One appearence in NHL "Heroes Of Hockey" since his retirment
  • Continues to serve and support the team ven after his retirement.

Will's Ways

Penguin Fan Central

Kudos to Dan Ensell for the banner graphic Check out his tribute to "Badger" Bob on PFC.

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ok, I know it's a guestbook. But I couldn't find a petition code that works.

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