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Welcome to my webpage! My name is Sarah and this webpage is all about Jeremy Sisto! Jeremy Sisto is so fine! Also he is such a good actor! He was born On The 6 October 1974 Jeremy Sisto was born in Northern California in a small town called Grass Valley and raised in Chicago, where he appeared in many stage productions while attending secondary school.

His film debut was in the movie "Grand Canyon." He studied at UCLA for a while and then started acting full time. Jeremy likes to play Bocci (Italian Bowling) and play his guitar in his spare time.

Jeremy Sisto's mother is Reedy Gibbs-she has been in a few films. Jeremy’s father, when Jeremy was growing up, was a farmer, but before that his father was a jazz musician, and is doing that again. Jeremy’s father is a prominent jazz musician in Kentucky. Jeremy’s Mom and step-Dad are actors themselves. They've always supported Jeremy. His Mom drove Jeremy to auditions, to plays - and she was extremely supportive to Jeremy. Jeremy’s father is a Zen Buddhist, and he's very proud of Jeremy.

He dated Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon. Famous Film Seen In: Cruel Intentions. Date of birth :22 March 1976, Location:Nashville, Tennessee, USA He also went out with Mercer Ryan .


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Jeremy Sisto

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Jeremy Sisto

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