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Gorfman's Arcade Collection

Welcome to Gorfman's Arcade! Come on in and look around. Inside you will find my growing collection of arcade video games. Although lately I have decided to slow down and actually reduce my collection to around 20 total plus some pinballs. Here is what I have as of today and what games I have recently sold from my collection :

GORF! Cocktail (of course...thanks Frank!)
GORF! upright(s)(All were sold)
Galaga (restoration)
Crystal Castles Jay)
Make Traxx cocktail(SOLD)...(thanks Tom)
Crystal Castles upright....(SOLD)
Playchoice 10 (thanks Rob)
Indiana Jones...Atari System 1...(Thanks Rob)
Indiana Jones the Pinball Adventure by Williams
Zeke's Peak...great game..same as Ice Cold Beer Popeye(s) (All were sold)
A.P.B. w/seat(SOLD)
Elevator Action (Sold)
Burgertime(piecing back together thanks Rob!)
Crazy Climber (Sold)
Moon Patrol (Sold)
Mr. Do's Castle(also plays Mr. Do! and Lady Bug)(SOLD)
Mr. Do's Wild Ride(also plays Do Run Run-Sold)(SOLD)
Asteriods (Sold)
Ms. Pac Man(Sold)
Ms. Pac cocktail (Sold)Making another
Pac Man
Pac Man Mini(Sold..putting another together)
Rally X Mini(Sold)
Super Pac Man (SOLD)
Jr. Pac (Sold..Super Pac conversion)
Jr Pac...restoration...
Donkey Kong(s) (SOLD)
Donkey Kong Jr. MINT!! Awesome...installed NOS everything!!
Bally/Sente System...used for Mini Golf mostly(SOLD)
Baby Pac (Sold)
Bally "Big Time" Bingo Machine 1955
Torpedo Alley Pinball TRADED!(1988 Data East digital)
Frenzy(s)(Berzerk Sequel)SOLD
The Simpson's....25"....4 Player
Attaxx..Leland...dedicated upright..(For Sale)
Star Wars upright! Thanks Paul! (PartyGT)
Space Duel (Euro cab) 7,300 plays! Awesome mint shape!
Missle Command mini....nice (Traded for Journey) Pacmania...nice..thanks Don Gesswin
Tron cocktail....thanks again Don
Journey upright.....nice...thanks Rob Gallager
Gorf mini!!!!!.....finally....thanks Tom!
Donkey Kong mini....awesome and rare...thanks Frogman (Rob Winner)
MORE TO COME??? (Yes it is a decease folks...ha...)

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