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What's Going On Here?

This site is continuously being updated to provide you with all the latest information on our articles, newsletters, newspapers, and events. If you are looking for a specific event not listed here, email me (see bottom of page.)


The above photo shows Todd Doyle, owner and publisher of Open Minds getting ready to present himself to the world.

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Spiritual Page!

Before you check anything out.... you've gotta visit the Doyle Publications Spiritual Page.... Oh yes. This link we take you to a higher plane - a spiritual plane. Read all kinds of articles, short stories, and true tales about how God has helped people just like yourself. You can even submit articles for this page. Check it out! Click now!

Poetry Page!

The poetry pages are currently being built. Please allow some time for this update to occur. Thanks for waiting.... the poetry pages are going to be a blast to see when they're done!

Photo Gallery!

Check out photos of those of us who work on Open Minds each month. See the people who make it all happen! Bio's of writers, distributors, and everyone who helps make Open Minds possible. A GREAT PHOTO page!


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"Let's make Open Minds # 1!"

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