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Suggested Links

Here are some links to pages that may be of interest to you. Please email me if you find that any are no longer working.

Deathrock at its finest!

I also fully support the Drop Dead Magazine, which if you love deathrock, gothabilly, rockabilly, punk, and anything similar, I think you will really enjoy. Get a Gold Subscription and you've got a discount on that year's Drop Dead Festival as well as various goodies throughout the year!

Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Christ
Whether you are Christian or not, this is an extremely interesting site detailing both biblically and medically Christ's death on the cross. Personally, I placed it on this page to illustrate the VDP idea of the humanism of Christ, but those with a religious connection to Him will benefit from the text quotations.

Mick Mercer
It is no secret that we love Mick Mercer. He's the author of the infamous "Gothic Rock" books and a damn fine photographer as well. You'll find cd packages of many of his band photographs over the years as well as special projects he's been working on. You don't have to tell him we sent you, but he might like you more! :)

If you've been a VDP fan from the beginning, you probably belong there... It takes a special breed to be Royalty!

! Travel
The site for backpackers, students, & budget travelers. Offers online reservations for thousands of hostels and hotels worldwide(constantly updated!), Eurail passes and links, tips, message boards, advice, safety, cheap air fare links, and useful tools. I've found really cool (and cheap!) places to stay from using this site... and they also have a nice feature where you can see what nites are still available at the different places based on what dates you need.

The AA Independent Press Guide
Run by the prolific Dee Rimbaud, this is your site for locating all of us quirky little small presses. You can also access his writer's blog by visiting, where you will find all sorts of interesting reflections.

I still smile when I see this t-shirt. Get it here, if you're old-school enough to understand! >:}

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