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Angel Hug

Angels are ever around us
And with love they do surround us,
When my heart is sore in need,
The Angels come, my soul to feed.
They come to me from up above,
and sing in whispers of love.
When in my heart I feel a tug,
I know that it's an Angels' hug.

~Author Unknown ~

Tyler is the grandson of Mary (aka Ebbtide) and Lee
who at five months of age underwent a 'living donor' liver
transplant. He received a part of his father's liver, which
has functioned well for six years. Recent test have
disclosed many veins that are shutting down and surgery
is needed to repair this problem. This page was made out
of love for Tyler, so family and friends can express their
love and good wishes for Tyler. Please sign the guest book
before you leave and many thanks for the prayers you
have already sent. Sincerely, Patty (aka ice_cream1).

~~Update March 9, 2000~~

On Feb. 18th. in Miami, Fla. Tyler underwent an eight
hour surgical procedure called 'vein re-routing'. He came
through with flying colors. The doctors say the long term
outlook seems very hopeful. He was discharged on Feb.24th.
The following day he seemed quite distressed and was rushed
to Baptist Children Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. where he was
diagnosed with viral pneumonia. Once again, being still weak
from his surgery, battled his way back. Tyler was then released
after an eight day stay on March 2nd. 2000. The family wishes
to thank all who have kept Tyler in their thoughts and prayers
and has asked Godís blessing on each and everyone of you.

~~Update July 1, 2001~~

Once again...Tyler has a mountain to climb. Since the vein surgery,
he has been active and healthy...with one exception. His ammonia level
has climbed dangerously high on a few occasions. The last crises came in
late May, when he was hospitalized for three weeks. This condition is
called 'Hepatic Encephalopathy', and with each occurrence, Tyler's liver
shrinks a little bit more. The liver is still functioning and Tyler is
doing well at home..thank the lord!

There is no option but for Tyler to have another transplant before his
liver gets any smaller. He is on a transplant list, and that 'call'
could come at any moment. The family now lives in Rock Springs, Wyoming..
and the transplant will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mary and Lee
thank all of you for your prayers, support and the wonderful messages and
gifts left here for Tyler. Please continue to pray that Tyler will have the
courage and strength to climb yet another mountain in his short eight years.
God Bless you and your families.

~~Update: Feb. 18, 2002~~

As all happened very quickly. After a disappointment in October....
when an available liver was found to be damaged......Tyler's day finally arrived....
Praise the Lord! The call came at 7pm EST, February 1st...and Tyler was rushed to
the 'Primary Children's Medical Center' Salt Lake City, Utah. He was in surgery
shortly before midnight....and the proceedure took twelve hours. All went beautifully....
and the liver has functioned this date.

The surgeon said that the match could only have been closer....had it come from a blood
relative. While this does not mean Tyler will not go into 'rejection' certainly
gave us greater peace of mind.

God has a very special little angel....who has given Tyler his 'third' chance. *sigh*
God bless this loving family for this selfless gift. May God give them comfort in their
loss....and bless them richly all the days of their lives. We may never know who you are....
but we know your hearts...and 'thank you' from the bottom of ours.

Many thanks and love to all of you....who have kept Tyler in your prayers....
and have been so supportive of Lee and myself. Please continue to pray that
no complications arise...and that Tyler will be home soon. Very special thanks
and love to my dear friend 'Ice Cream' (Patty) for all she has done. God Bless
each one of you.

Warmest Hugs...~~Ebbtide~~


~~Update: March 29, 2002~~

~~I am thrilled to write this update! Tyler was released today and will be home
when the Easter bunny arrives! **smiles** While he had a few complications from
time to time......the liver itself has functioned beautifully...Thank the Lord!
We were in Salt Lake City for six days this month, and are happy to share this picture
of our handsome and happy Tyler. All the messages left in his guestbook....the prayers,
support and love, are appreciated more than you will ever know. *sigh* God Bless every
one of you....and I hope your Easter will be as happy as ours.
~~With Love....~~Mary~~

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