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Size of Roster


Number of Fantasy Teams



$160 per team. Payment is due in two separate payments. First payment is due draft day and the second payment is due before the second half. A team will not be allowed to participate in the post season unless all league fees are paid.

Game Lineups:

1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

3 Receivers ( WR & TE)

1 Placekicker

1 Defense

Draft order

1-10, 10-1 format. Order is determined by a draw from a hat before the draft. There

is a time limit of three minutes between selections or the pick will be forfeited.

Calling In Game Lineups:

Lineups must be submitted by 12:00p.m. on Sunday if the player is playing on Sunday or Monday night. If a player is playing on any other day than Sunday or Monday then that player must be called in 1 hour prior to kickoff.

Call 524 - 5793 and leave a message on the recorder, with myself or my wife Kristina.

Waiver Claims

$5 per waiver claim. Waiver claims must be submitted by 5:00p.m. Friday. A player for each waiver claim must be dropped by Sunday at 12:00p.m.

Tiebreaker when multiple teams select a player:

  1. Team with the lowest point total.
  2. Team with the worse record in the half that the claim was made in.
  3. First person who called.

Waiver Claim Deadline

Last waiver claim is the Friday before the last regular season game.

Trading Deadline

This is the Monday following Week 12 at 5:00p.m.

Fantasy Bowl

Overall point totals determine the teams who will participate in the Fantasy Bowl.

During the 15th week the teams with the four highest totals will play each other. The two highest point totals from the 15th week will advance to the Fantasy Bowl during week 16.

Tiebreaker if teams are tied for the forth spot to enter the Fantasy Bowl.

  1. Overall Record
  2. Head-Head record
  3. Both play in the Fantasy Bowl.

Toilet Bowl

During the 15th week the 5th though 8th highest scoring teams will participate in the Toilet Bowl The highest scoring teams during the 15th week will then be crowned winner of the Toilet Bowl.

Prize Money

Weekly prize

$5.00 - Weekly prize to the teams with the most points. If two teams are tied with same points then the teams with the most point from the remainder of their roster wins. If that

total is the same the players spilt the money.

1st & 2nd half prize

$100 prize to the winners of each half. Each half consists of 7 games. League records determine winner. If two (or more) teams are tied with the same record are tied then the following tie breakers occur:

  1. head - head record
  2. total points
  3. split money

Fantasy Bowl

1st place - $450

2nd place - $300

3rd place - $180

4th place - $150

Toilet Bowl

$90 - Waiver claims are used for this prize so if waiver claims for the year happens to be less than $90 (highly doubtful) then the Toilet Bowl prize will be that total.

The remainder of the waiver claim funds is distributed equally between the 4 playoff teams.


Total Cash Allotment

$1600 Entry Fee


$160 Commissioner Fee

$70 Weekly Prizes

$200 1st & 2nd half prizes

$450 1st place

$300 2nd place

$180 3rd place

$150 4th place

$100 Total point for the year

*Note: $10 is taken form the waiver claim money for the prize distribution pool.



TOUCHDOWN PASS (by any player)

0-30 yds 3 pts

31-60 4 pts

61-100 5 pts

TOUCHDOWN SCORED (by any offensive player)

0-30 yds 6 pts

31-60 7 pts

61-100 8 pts


TD 6 pts

Safety 2 pts

Sack 1 pts

Int 1 pts

Shutout 6 pts


Field Goals

0-40 yds 3 pts

41-50 4 pts

51- 5 pts

PAT 1 pt

2 point conversion

Run 2 pts

Pass 1 pt QB & 1pt Receiver



300 yard passing game 3 pts

350 yard passing game 5 pts

400 yard passing game 7 point

Running Backs

100 yards rushing 3 pts

150 yards rushing 5 pts

200 yards rushing 7pts


100 yards receiving 3 pts

150 yards receiving 5 pts

200 yards receiving 7pts